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Why Google Voice Account Is Important for Your Business

Now that the working world is shifting to "work at home" or "remote work", the necessity of online communication systems is very high. To maintain communication with your work partners, it's very important to have a trusted and convenient place for professional communication. Google Voice is one of the apps you'd want to have on your device. Today we'll talk about the features and uses of Google Voice. Stay tuned! 


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What Is Google Voice?


Google Voice is basically a phone service. It's a free, cloud-based phone service which is accessible through computers and mobile devices. It provides users with a US-based phone number. With this number, users can send text messages and receive voicemails through the Internet. It's free for personal use which allows unlimited texts and calls to any number in Canada or the United States and affordable international calling. Features like call blocking, automatic routing, call forwarding, and the ability to assign unique voicemail greetings to callers and contacts is also available in this service. 


What Is Google Voice for Business?


There's another service for business purposes. Google Voice for Business is slightly different from the free version. It provides a number of features that the free version doesn't have. Such as- Service level agreement (SLA).

Businesses looking for a basic VoIP solution to separate their personal and business phone lines at no cost are recommended to use Google Voice.  


What Are The Features of Google Voice for Business?


Google Voice has some features that can help you manage your professional life better.  Google Voice for Business offers the following features-


1. AI-based voicemail transcription


2. Integration with Google Calendar and Google Meet


3. 24/7 support and a high-uptime SLA


4. Usage/activity reporting


5. Ring groups


6. Multi-level auto attendants


7. Advanced reporting and analytics via BigQuery


8. eDiscovery for compliance purposes


9. Support for desk phones


10. Unlimited international locations


What Is Google Voice Best For? 


If you need a separate line for your business communications then Google Voice is for you. This platform gives you a free phone number you can use together with its unlimited call and text services. 


Those who use Google Workspace may maximize the use of Google Voice’s paid plans as it integrates with apps like Google Calendar and Google Meet. It's recommended for small businesses with remote teams. Google Voice is one of the top picks for the best and cheap VoIP services for home offices.


Call recording helps you enhance customer service. How, you ask? By allowing you to review and monitor your call responding skills. Google Voice’s free version has a feature where you can  record calls. That's why it is one of the top choices for the best call recording apps.


Google Voice is perfect for basic call management needs. Its software allows you to manage calls, texts, and voicemail messages all in one place. Google Voice is a recommended VoIP solution for freelancers and small teams.


You can read transcripts of your received voice messages with Google Voice’s visual voicemail. This feature is included in its free version. So it's accessible to anyone with a Google account. 


Advantages of Using Google Voice


No contracts. One of the unwanted things about the traditional PBC system is that the  service providers attempt to lock clients into vendor contracts. With Google Voice, you can cancel that any time.


Flexibility. With Google Voice, you're not tied to your workplace. Google Voice can be used as a web application and it also offers apps for both Android and iOS. Which means it's usable on any device with an Internet connection.


Simple deployment and management. Google Voice can be used without any specialized hardware. The centralized Google Workspace Admin Portal makes its management easier.


So as you can see, Google Voice can provide you with a manageable platform to communicate online. It has a noticeable amount of good features and cream helps your business grow. 


You can use PVA accounts for this too. That way your business will grow efficiently. There are various PVA agents who can provide you with an account. You can choose what's convenient for you and use it.


Today we discussed the various ways Google Voice can help and benefit you as a communication app. We tried to mention all the related stuff in this article. However, if you have questions regarding Google Voice please let us know by contacting us.

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