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HomeBusinessWhy green bike lanes make a lot of sense?

Why green bike lanes make a lot of sense?

Imagine a four-way lane full of speeding cars and two-wheelers. What chance does a cyclist have of commuting through such a hellish experience? Now imagine, if the cyclists get their own designated space to ply on.

It would be a wonderful way for cyclists to de-clutter their bike riding path and reach their destination faster. It will also help enhance the safety aspect as they know that the green bike lane markings on one end is meant specifically for cyclists.

Here are some advantages of using these Road Surfacing Materials:

1 – Conveys the message clearly

The green bike markings are loved by cyclists all over the world. These send out the clearest possible message to cars and vehicles. They convey that the roads are meant not just for cars.

Even cyclists have the right to travel on the same roads without being afraid for their safety in front of the massive cars and SUVs. This helps remove the sense of entitlement that cars typically have. In addition to lending a visually aesthetic look, these lanes help the cyclists to claim back ownership of the roads. The green bike markings have proved to be a great way to send the message that even cycles have the same sense of ownership of the road that cars have

2 – De-cluttered commute

When there is clear demarcation for cyclists, the cars and other two-wheelers will not run on these designated lanes. This frees up the lanes from the clutter of vehicular traffic. The cyclists get a dedicated lane for themselves which they can use to boost their stamina as wellas commute in a zero-pollution manner. The removal of clutter will remove any chaos in peak traffic hours and help the cyclists to remain safe from oncoming traffic.

3 – Improved safety

Many bike lanes have faced the problem of cycle tires skidding off on wet surfaces. Also, problems like snow or oil spill can result in cyclists slipping and falling off the cycles. However, with advancing technology, there is now an answer to these challenges. Polymer modified cement like Endurablend have the capacity to prevent these issues.

Such surface coatings provide a protective film on top of the concrete or asphalt surfaces. They are designed in hexagonal structure to prevent rainwater accumulation on the surface. This way, the road surface isn’t slick and as a result, the cyclist can safely use the road without the fear of slipping and falling.

4 – Visible marking

Drivers are visibly alert when driving as they now know what is the designated spot that they cannot drive on. This leaves the area free for cyclists to use. It improves the traffic condition and boosts safety even in times of peak traffic hours. Such visible marking is a safety catalyst that can prevent unwanted accidents from happening.

To sign off

These reasons prove why the ubiquitous green marking High Friction Surface Treatment done on cyclists’ lane is a necessity for today’s high density vehicular traffic.

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