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Why Guest Blogging is important in SEO?


Guest posting is important in search engine optimization it needs to be clear here that SEO has 3 different strategies on-page SEO, off-page SEO, technical SEO. Itis a part of off-page SEO strategy it means you can optimize your site with having outside the boundaries of your site. Guest posting is also included in off-page SEO.

What is Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging means writing the article and then post it to other third party’s website, when you post your content on another site it passes you link juices through the keywords that you have been put in the content. Guest posting is more beneficial for the newbies established blogging or website because, in the process of search engine optimization, you can not get the traffic on your blog immediately. You have to work regular and follow google trends and guidelines, it can be time taking for you.

Benefits of Guest post-

Create new traffic-

posting of content helps to get back-links to your site and visitors will visit through the link and keyword in the content of the guest posting. Hence guest posts generate traffic on your website.

Improve the ascendancy of your brand-

If you have a new website and want to improve the authority of your brand then you can go to find a high-quality site. You might post to a high-quality site to increase your brand authority because web-users immediately can not know about products or services that you are offering. People visit on already known or old sites in this if you use guest posts on the old one site so you can improve your brand ascendancy.

Build back-links-

Creating backlink is the biggest reason when you post the content on other good sites, then users redirect to your website or page. This is how guest post-build back-links and it improve search engine ranking position of your site.

Increase your site’s domain authority-

DA of a site shows how your website is working it means site owner wants to increase domain authority. If your blog posts have quality content then search bots will love your site and google will be indexing your content.

Building search engine ranking-

It has to be clear that you can improve search engine ranking if you are doing a guest post. This matters for a guest post that the site should be a high-quality site and their guest blogging’s guidelines must be followed.

Your Brand mention on social media-

guest post on the high quality and good sites will benefit your brand awareness on social media. If the blogger really likes your content then your content can be shared along with their followers on social media. Social media is the best medium to reach customers and for your brand awareness.

Apart from the importance of guest blogging, you should know about the rules and guidelines for guest posting… yes, you read right there are some rules and guidelines for posting the content on another website. First of all, you need to ask permission from the website owner through e-mail or phone call. If your content will according to blogger’s guidelines then it’ll be posted.

What are the rules and guidelines for a guest post?

  • Content should be in detailed and unique
  • Use headings, subheadings, lists, etc.
  • Bullet, bold or italic should be used.
  • Highlight and bold the important keyword or sentence.
  • Your content should be free from grammatical errors.
  • Use hyperlinks in your article.
  • Use images or videos in your article.
  • Word limit also matters for a guest post, it means some site accept 700 to 800 words of the article and some 1000 to 1500 words.

Ways to approach guest posting

For approach guests post some different ways for a blog like you can find a contact form, E-mail, and contact number and you can submit directly to their site if they give the section of article attachment.

Do some researching for guest blog


You need to spend little time or minutes to find the blogs that can be matched to your content or your content can be matched with their guidelines. If you address your name and information in the e-mail then it will leave a better impression on the blogger. To know more about it please visit: icoginix

Choose a blogger who connects with the users

Always try to find bloggers who are already connected to the users and their followers on social media. It is necessary that the blogger should give a reply or comment on the content. Because it builds trust with the customers if you will remain in touch with the users.

Try to approach by e-mail


Some time blogger can get understand and the new guest blogger got hesitate and they can get some interruption in talking the way with the website owner. So E-mail is better than phone calls.

Here it is clear that what are the roles of guest post in SEO if you are interested in search engine optimization then you need to know about what is guest posting. SEO has with higher demand in India that’s businesses need SEO experts and top seo training institute in delhi provide training for SEO, There you will all about guest posting, linking, keyword practically. Hence guest blogging has many benefits for you especially if you are new to your site and want to improve search engine ranking for your site or page that you want to rank.

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