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Why Halfway Houses in Phoenix, Arizona are the Best Resource for Those Looking at Total Recovery

It is a fact that most people who are alcoholics or drug-dependent want to give up their habit. Sadly, many of them cannot do so as they cannot get support from their family and society. Giving up alcohol and drugs and staying sober is an uphill task. If you are an alcoholic and want to give up the habit, you can do it by connecting with a group or platform dedicated to the cause of sobriety.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is one of the leading platforms dedicated to helping alcoholics recover from their habit and stay sober. The self-supporting groups of AA have a global presence and have helped thousands of alcoholics recover and lead normal lives.

Why Use Halfway Home Services

You can also assist the recovery process of yourself or your loved ones by using the services of halfway homes. These are sober living homes with well-designed, tried and tested recovery programs aimed at extending your sobriety period forever. It is generally a community-based residential facility managed by the government or voluntary agencies.

There are many halfway houses in Phoenix, Arizona, but not all of them are capable of supporting you all the way in your recovery journey. You must make sure you choose a reputed one with a good track record of quickly helping people get back to normal life. 

A professionally managed halfway house will make sure that its residents feel a sense of belonging and inclusion at the place. When they experience a family atmosphere, it further accelerates their progress towards total sobriety. 

The Many Benefits of Recovery in Halfway Homes

Halfway homes must make the residents feel like they all belong to one big family collectively working to improve the quality of their life. Halfway homes must ensure a tailored approach to sobriety because every individual is fighting a different personal battle.

The top halfway house in Phoenix, Arizona, will assist the efforts of residents to kick the habit and encourage them by offering incentives for achieving specific milestones along the way. While some family members and relatives may feel that home is the best place for successfully completing the recovery process, this may not be entirely true. 

Why Home Recovery Is Not Advisable

Some alcoholics may have a bad experience from families, relatives, or society, affecting their resolve and progress. This may not be good for total recovery and may create obstacles in the path of achieving sobriety. 

Arizona halfway houses can act as an important bridge between the individual and the community. This can be achieved through a gradual approach and framing the necessary treatment plan. The same can be tweaked to match individual needs.

Halfway houses offer the perfect atmosphere for recovery as they create the right situations for the affected person and their gradual and certain recovery. A sober living home will also help those recovering from addiction to be responsible and accountable for themselves. 

The halfway houses in Phoenix, Arizona, have gained popularity for their excellent solutions to help patients recover from addiction. 

Few Popular Places

Craig Shell's New Solution

For men and women needing transitional housing or halfway houses in Phoenix, AZ, Craig Shell’s New Solution can be just the right fit. This is a co-ed house that serves people in recovery. Those who need a temporary spot to stay while they move further along in their sobriety can find a home here.

This house is the newest location for the Alcoholism & Addiction Assistance Association (5A). It offers a safe, welcoming place to call home. Both 5A locations serve to move clients forward in their recovery with the aim of preparing them to live a new normal life.

Open since 2004, the New Solution has been welcoming men and women who are ready to commit to a life of sobriety. We offer two meals a day and transportation to meetings outside of the residence. These pieces of the program allow us to support our clients in their journey.

Craig Shell’s New Solution is ideal for those who have completed an inpatient program. Generally, right after an intense rehab situation, people aren’t quite ready to return home. The 5A residence offers an alternative plan.

Hope House

This original 5A sober living Phoenix residence has been serving men in recovery since 1968. Started by Tony Paskalakis, this beautiful home provides a refuge for the residents as they work their journey to wellness. This residence is a men-only house under the direction of 5A.

With daily meals and transportation to off-site meetings, the Hope House is able to meet our residents’ needs. This support gives them a safe way to maintain their sobriety and prepare to return home when they are ready.

Nestled in a Phoenix neighborhood, Hope House has decades of experience in helping men succeed in recovery. The residence offers easy access to local restaurants, work opportunities, and transit. Since residents are free to come and go during the day, many enjoy taking walks to stay busy and healthy.

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