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Why Having Good Core Web Vitals (CWV) is so Important for your Law Firms SEO Success

We live in a time where more and more people depend on the internet for their needs, even when it comes to things like choosing a law firm to represent them in court. The need for a good, stable and SEO optimized site is higher than ever and making sure you have your website core vitals lined out can make such a difference. A company like Gladiator Law Marketing can help you get the best website possible and can help you get more customers than ever before. 

What are Website Core Vitals?

Unless you are a website designer, odds are you are not going to have a clear definition of what website core vitals are. Google, one of the most popular search engines of our time, recently announced that they were creating a metric called website core vitals. These metrics are measured by three different factors, how fast your content loads, interactivity, and visual stability of the site. These are going to be what measures the overall health of your website as well as how well it works and functions for the users. 

Content loading speed is a huge factor for a large number of users. Think about a time when you searched something on the internet, the page you chose took a long time to load. Did you stay on that page until it fully loaded, or did you leave the page and look for another option that had the same information? Odds are you did not wait for the site to load and simply found another option that had the same information. If you have a law firm that has a site that is very slow loading, it may lead to you losing customers and to them going to another site and to another law firm for services. 

Interactivity is another factor. How easy is it for your users to interact with the site? Can they click links that take them to different parts of the site, is information easy to find, can they navigate easily, or is it a difficult site that takes a huge amount of time to navigate? Again, thinking about the last time that you used a website, did you keep trying to figure out how to use the site or did you just leave and find a site that was easier to use and easier to navigate?

The last core vital is visual stability. This means the overall stability of the site and how consistent it is. Does the site look the same each time that it is accessed, does the site change often and do some visual elements not work in certain situations? These factors are again going to relate back to how easy it is for your site visitors to use the site and to navigate it when they are in need of information. 

Why are Core Vitals Important?

Core vitals are more important than you might imagine. Google is a very powerful search engine and if your site is not what they deem healthy or functioning properly, they can make it rank lower in the search options which can then lead to less people seeing your site and less people being able to use your site. The ease of use and the overall health of your site is going to affect how many people use your site and how many people actually view what is on the site. 

Google can move your site down in the metrics and down in the search engine results if they feel that it is not up to part and that it is not serving the users as well as it can. These vitals are also things that most people consider when they are using a site. If they are dealing with a site that is hard to use, a site that is difficult and that does not have the information that they need, they are going to let it go and they are going to find a new site that meets their needs better. 

These metrics also have to do with SEO. Search engine optimization is one of the most important factors when it comes to your site and how it is going to rank among all the other sites that are on the internet. A site that is well formed, that has all the right vitals and that has all the right elements is going to naturally rank higher in searches than others making it more popular and making it more likely that users are going to use the site and that they are also going to refer the site to other users. 

Making sure that your site is easy for your users to navigate and to actually use is a huge thing that you should do to make sure you are getting the most potential customers and the most traffic. Hiring a professional company to help with your marketing and to help with your SEO is a fantastic option. It can help you get the most out of your site and to really get the most traffic possible. 

A professional company is a great way to make sure your SEO is working for you, that you are getting the most out of it and that you are ranking as high as possible within your search engine results. A great marketing company can help you to optimize your SEO, help you to make the most of your website and can also help you to get your vitals up so that Google naturally ranks your site higher and naturally shows your site to possible users and to possible customers. Google metrics are hard to deal with and with the right company your ranking can be great. 

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