Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Why I Prefer Designer Sunglasses

Glasses not only help us to see better, but they are a fashion accessory. We wanted to delve into this question because it is an essential aspect for optical optometrists and consumers when it comes to finding the perfect glasses.

Any experienced optician will quickly recognize what kind of frame is best for his patient’s personality and the shape of his face.

Optometrists know that there are basically two kinds of people: on the one hand, those who don’t want glasses, who must wear frames that fit their face as harmoniously as possible, also go unnoticed.

On the other hand, the wearers of glasses are more inclined towards the modern and consider glasses as an accessory. But are there only two categories? We have investigated this question and found some exciting results. Basically, we can distinguish three groups of lens wearers.

Users with a modern style

The designer sunglasses are great because it allows us to express our style. People in the fashionable category often have more than one pair of glasses. For them, nothing is too extravagant or modern. They always wear the latest model of glasses, ideally with tinted prescription lenses.  All combinations are possible, as long as they are to your liking and match your mood or the clothes you are wearing.  The sports sunglasses gives one of the stylish and unique look to you. 

Creative and outgoing people consider glasses to be adornment and complement to their personal look. Optometrists only have to put the most original model on the table: these intellectuals with their own style will have no problem choosing; after all, they are fashion experts.

The Brand Fan

These people value brands and their designs; in fact, they follow this same pattern with clothing. Their criteria for choosing glasses is based primarily on brands: only the frames of the world’s leading designers have the honor of adorning their faces. Girls and women can get amazing designer sunglasses for women at very affordable price.

 Of course, the glasses must also match your style since the outfit must be perfect. Fans of designer glasses are also looking for good prescription lenses. They are aware that quality has a price, but they know that this price is justified.

The Perfect Impostor

Frames can also be a fashion accessory for those who do not need vision correction. Today, fashion stores sell glasses without corrective function, which serve as accessories for the face. Nerd glasses, 70s XXL, or even John Lennon-style glasses are an affirmation exercise for fashionistas who don’t need visual aid but want to complete their look with this accessory.

 It takes knowledge to choose the right prescription lenses, although larger frames only work well with plastic lenses. Also, they are much more comfortable. Optometrists are also good advisers when it comes to choosing the color of your lenses.

The One Looking for a Solution First

of all, this kind of person should get used to wearing glasses. According to vision tests, you need a visual aid, and this is all you expect from your glasses. Those who belong to this category only want one thing: to see well again. For this reason, they want the optician to tell them which frame and lens are the most suitable for their type and vision problem. 


For lens wearers who have never worn glasses, lighter frames and easy to clean lenses are often recommended. In this way, they will quickly get used to them.

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