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Why Install Marble Benchtops in Your Kitchen?


Are you considering kitchen renovation? Do you want to change your kitchen benchtop? While looking out for the material of your kitchen benchtop you will come across a number of options. But, one of the very good options available is marble benchtops. Today natural stones are very much in trend and so it makes a great choice. It is one of the best additions that you can make to your kitchen as it has a number of benefits that can work wonders to your kitchen.

If you are still not convinced, having a look at the benefits of it can help you in taking the right decision. So, to help you out here are some of the reasons why you should go for the marble kitchen benchtops:

8 Great Reasons to Choose Marble Benchtops

  1. Striking beauty: Majority of the homeowners select marble countertop due to the elegance it offers. If you check out the market, you will find that there are lots of color choices available for this natural stone. Some of the color choices available are solid black, solid white, rose, grey, yellow, green, etc. you can choose any color depending on the interior of your kitchen.
  2. Plenty of design options: If you do not want regular fabrication for the countertop then switching to marble is a good idea. Every countertop need not compulsorily be rectangular. Marble is softer to work on and so it is possible to have fancy edges or some additional fabrication with it.
  3. Heat resistant: It is one of the best qualities of marble benchtops. This quality makes it suitable for kitchens. If you keep any hot bowl on the countertop it will not be harmed as it is heat resistant. This has become a popular choice for the fireplaces as it would not be affected due to heat and can sustain sparks on the surface.
  4. Naturally cool: Do you love baking? Well, then you are surely going to love marble countertop. This is because marble is naturally cool and not a heat conductor. Hence, you do not have to worry about damaging the countertop while baking.
  5. Durable option: Marble is naturally resistant to cracks, scratches and sudden breaking. This makes marble benchtops durable when compared to other benchtop materials. Even though fancy edges and fabrications are done, it will still be durable.
  6. Cost effective option: Marble bench tops might look expensive, but in reality, they are not. When compared to other natural stones marble is quite cheaper. The cost of this depends on various aspects like the type, thickness, patterns, etc, but still, it is less costly compared to granite and quartz.
  7. Simple to find: Sometimes it is tough to find appropriate quartz or granite slabs which would be best suitable for your kitchen. However, marble is easily available, and you can easily find it in the stone yards or fabricators. Hence, to get the best marble stone you will not have to wait much.
  8. Distinctive appearance: Benchtop materials which are man-made try to copy the look of marble and have less success rate. Marble stone is produced from limestone rock or sedimentary dolomite through the natural procedure and so has a distinctive look. If you closely have a look at marble slabs you will find that each slab is different from another. This stone comes through the impurities trapped in the limestone during earth’s extreme pressure and heat and transforms into marble.

These are some of the reasons that will entice you to install marble benchtops. If you are planning to install this benchtop for your kitchen then make sure you check out several options and then select the best one.

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