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Why Investing in a Brand Design is a Wise Move

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A large part of any business is how it’s perceived by its customers and the general public, and investing in a brand design to enhance your business’s identity shouldn’t be overlooked.

Your brand goes beyond just your logo or slogan. It encapsulates everything about your business, its core values, and how it’s viewed and thought of – not just by those who use your services but your staff too. It is the attitude that underpins what you do and how you do it. In essence, it’s how you want to be perceived by the world. Once you’ve determined the qualities you want your business to represent, they help to inform your brand and extend to all other assets you build, from the logo to your website, and the way you communicate to your stakeholders, both internal and external.

Having a strong brand identity helps your business in more ways than one. Consider some of the top brands you know of and how they calculate their pricing. Apple, for instance, is able to charge top dollar for their latest products due to their perceived value in the eye of the consumer. Are Apple’s products necessarily superior to others on the market? That’s debatable. But it’s this strong branding that allows them to set the price, and people do pay. Apple users are among some of the most loyal ambassadors of their products, and that loyalty exists because of their investment in strong branding.

There are numerous ways to increase the strength of your business’s brand, but it begins with a brand strategy. Having a clear statement of what it is your business believes in and how to communicate it is the first important step. Once you have this in place, you can then use these core principles to help drive communication across all platforms of your marketing strategy.

Consistency is Key: Knowing the language you want to use and integrating it across social and internal/external channels will keep your brand’s voice in the right tone.

Ensure your logo is placed in the banner of all of your marketing messaging (from emails to letters and other printed materials), and that all visual design elements are used consistently (including colour palette, images, typography, etc).

Building your brand isn’t just an outward-facing matter, either. While your brand’s message may be directed mostly to your prospective customers, don’t neglect the internal consumers: your staff. Communicating your brand message to your employees and having them adopt it helps build a greater working community, which in turn strengthens your brand and the motivation of your workers. Where possible, have them communicate what they feel your business’s strengths are, and let them help you develop your business’s message. The more involved and passionate your workers are, the more ingrained the core beliefs of your business will be.

Branding is something that, at its heart, starts internally and shines to the outside world. There are numerous agencies that excel at brand design in Melbourne. It’s worth looking around and browsing their folios to see the strong messaging they’ve produced for their clients.