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Why is anti-social harassment training a must for companies?

For years, specialists in the fields of economics, medication and sociology have researched at the major impacts of sexual harassment on the workplace. Most countries, inclusive of ours, have legal guidelines to stop and redress acts of sexual harassment withinside the organization. Despite this many businesses fail to save their employees from sexual harassment withinside the organization because of their failure to plan Anti-Sexual Harassment Training for his or her personnel. The #MeToo and Time’s Up actions these days have proven that cases of sexual harassment in any company can tarnish a agency’s brand image and cause a lack of self belief in personnel about how secure the workspace is for them.

Anti-sexual harassment training (hereby, ‘ASH training) is one of the maximum critical a company can do to save their employees from harassment and different irrelevant behavior withinside the organization. Below we are providing some reasons why a company should plan sexual harassment training

Reduces Legal and Financial Liability

The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013, typically called the PoSH Act, puts an obligation at the company to arrange workshops and recognition plans at some intervals for sensitizing the personnel with the provisions of the Act. This exercise is a felony mandate and failure to adopt it'll bring a penalty which can also additionally amplify to Fifty Thousand rupees (₹50,000).

Companies which might be repeat offenders may be fined two times as much as they have been for the preceding offense, and will also face a situation to the cancellation of any licenses, registrations or permits that they will require to run their business. A penalty of ₹50,000 can take a big toll for a small or medium sized company.

While the penalty for the primary offense below the PoSH Act may not be a heavy one for a big agency, getting registrations and licenses revoked for repeated offenses can bring about big fees and losses to the offender-agency. Losses accumulated from halted operations blended with the time and fees related to applying again for a registration or license can overall as much as a completely big amount. To avoid these situations, every company should plan for sexual harassment training at a regular interval. 

Ensures personnel feel secure at jobs and are highly productive

Being situation to or witness to sexual harassment withinside the organization may be a harrowing experience and may take a toll at the victim’s/witness’ intellectual and bodily health. The more people stumble upon sexual harassment withinside the organization, the more they document signs of depression, strain and anxiety. This is likewise observed via means of a well known impairment of mental well-being.

A research performed withinside the United States determined that 1 in every 5 self-diagnosed sexual harassment sufferers met the standards for a DSM-IV analysis of Major Depressive Disorder, and 1 in 10 defined signs steady with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This could have an effect at the individual’s overall performance withinside the organization and as a result this will increase the cost for organisation because of decreased productivity and commitment.


According to a research performed via means of Deloitte in Australia in 2018, organization sexual harassment imposed a huge cost – $2.6 billion in the reduction of productiveness (or $1,053 an average amount for every victim) and $0.9 billion in different costs (or $375 on average for an individual victim). At a mean weekly salary of $1,244 throughout the Australian economy, every case of organization sexual harassment led to approximately 4 working days of misplaced output. The examine additionally found out the widespread losses that resulted from absenteeism – 28% of overall fees have been because of a worker’s failure to document for or continue to be at work as scheduled, because of the worry and soreness due to sexual harassment withinside the organization.


In Deloitte’s examination, offices with a more number of cases of organization harassment additionally suffered from better worker turnover rates. This may be attributed to the formerly noted mental side-results of organization harassment. Staff turnover contributed the best to loss in productiveness and related fees amounted to the 32% of the entire fees of sexual harassment withinside the organization.


While the above surveys were not performed in India, they offer a fair knowledge about the effect sexual harassment has on organization productiveness. Conducting everyday anti-sexual harassment training makes the organization more secure, assuages the fears & soreness of personnel, will increase worker satisfaction, reduces worker turnover and saves businesses from the large costs related to decreased productiveness.

Legal rights of a person accused of sexual harassment


While a big a part of anti-sexual harassment program is centered at the prevention and redressal of sexual harassment of personnel withinside the organization, powerful ASH program additionally educates personnel about their rights if they're accused of sexual harassment.

Every worker accused below the PoSH Act is afforded certain rights via means of the Act which assist in defending the accused’s interests. This is critical facts for the reason that maximum sexual harassment redressal complaints are performed without the presence of legal counsel. Being aware about one’s rights can save their employees wrongful convictions and extended battles. Employees also are knowledgeable about the redressal procedure, and skilled to factor out incorrect practices in the course of an IC proceeding. Lastly, personnel are made aware about their rights if they're falsely accused of sexual harassment. Anti-sexual harassment program guarantees that the PoSH Act and its provisions aren't used as a device of retribution to settle scores, and that personnel are covered from fake lawsuits.


This program additionally extends to teaching the IC (Internal Committee) participants at the high-quality redressal practices. While a grievance of sexual harassment isn't always redressed in a court-like surrounding, the IC complaints are nevertheless quasi-judicial in nature. This calls for IC participants to recognize the ideas of herbal justice, make sure that IC complaints are unbiased, hold privateness of all lawsuits, and make sure that people aren't held responsible earlier than an in-depth research reveals them responsible for the acts they're being accused of.

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