Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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Why is CBD Important for the Environment?

With the world under pandemic, where self-isolation is the new norm, the CBD market is gaining popularity amongst individuals of all ages. Some experts are skeptical about its use others argue about the positive impacts it can bring on our environment. The global market size of cannabidiol (CBD) in 2020 was around USD 2.8 billion. It is estimated to rise at the rate of 21.2% from the year 2021 to 2028. As a result of its increased demand in the health and wellness industry, more and more consumers are willing to purchase CBD products. Which, in turn, is helping our environment. CBD is a safer and environment-friendly option for treating conditions like anxiety, pains, skin ailments, and other health-related issues. Environmentalists are promoting the idea of CBD-infused products by creating awareness on the internet.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural medicinal substance present in the flower of the cannabis plant, which has a rich history of being used as a healing remedy. CBD finds its source from hemp, also called industrial hemp. It belongs to the Cannabaceae family of plants. Due to lack of sufficient information, it is generally confused with other cannabis plants like marijuana. Both CBD and Marijuana contain THC, or tetrahydro cannabinol, a compound that can have psychoactive effects on humans. But hemp has a much lower amount of THC in comparison to marijuana. Hemp contains 0.3% or maybe less THC, while marijuana contains more than 0.3%. Scientifically both belong to the same plant species but with different THC levels. Hence CBD is safer and non-addictive. Countries like Australia, Bulgaria, and Canada were the first to legalize the usage of CBD oil. Thus, CBD will provide you with health benefits without getting high. Due to the reason that the use of cannabis products can likely be abused and used as a getting high drug, the medicinal properties take a back seat.

Medicinal Traits of CBD

Various studies and researches in different countries show that CBD is now proving to be quite effective in treating medical conditions like epilepsy, chronic pains, and anxiety. However, the user should be under the supervision of a doctor. The product must also be pure. In times like today, when we are confined indoors, anxiety, frustration, and stress can be a hindrance to our overall growth journey. Hence, products from Sunday Scaries CBD, which has a product range from gummies, oil, and candies, can help us survive our Monday blues naturally and safely. These help us in calming our nerves and keep anxiety issues at bay. CBD oil can relieve pain and inflammation due to arthritis. The oil is now also used in cosmetics like sunscreens as they are a natural and skin-friendly option.

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CBD for the Environment

As rightly said by Wendell Berry- "The earth is what we all have in common." Promoting a sustainable, low carbon environment is the need of the hour. 

Major developed and underdeveloped countries came together for the Paris Agreement in 2016. It focuses on the challenges of climate change and achieving a sustainable world for our future generations. Every day some new invention or alternative is being explored to make our planet more livable. Big companies and governments are initiating investments that yield profits but with environment-friendly outcomes. New methods of cultivation are also in research. One crop, which is being promoted by environmentalists these days for its eco-friendly characteristics is hemp. The use of CBD is on the rise these days and is encouraged in some parts of the world. CBD is a compound of the hemp plant, which finds its use in stress-relieving medicines, pain killers, etc. But it is interesting to know that the hemp plant is much more than just CBD. It is a zero-waste plant because we can use all of its components. Hemp plants do not require any fertilizers or chemicals for its growth, it requires less water and has a natural resistance to pests and insects and thus is a low maintenance crop. It grows in abundance in a short period and can be grown in all temperatures. The hemp plant is a tall one with deep tap roots that help reduce soil erosion. Hemp can be a great alternative to cotton and other fiber-yielding crops as it requires minimum inputs with maximum output. Also, it can be used to make paper and thus can help to retain our forests. The hemp plant contains up to 85% of cellulose which is only 30% in trees. Thus, making it a perfect choice for the same. Hemp can provide various other renewable raw materials like oil from seeds, products for the building industry. It is used as fuel in a biomass power plant. The long fibers of hemp are a good use for making recyclable plastic. Also, hemp does not release carbon into the atmosphere. Thus, the products made from its components will have the lowest carbon footprint. With such benefits for our environment, this crop is still underrated and not well known because it finds itself treated like marijuana. Countries need to differentiate between the two and promote the cultivation of such crops. Economies should invest more in the research and development of this crop. Also, awareness campaigns can encourage farmers to indulge in the cultivation of hemp.

The way forward

In today's unpredictable world, where we face new challenges every day, it is our responsibility to work towards a sustainable planet. Buying CBD products will support the increase in the cultivation of hemp crops which will benefit our environment. Many countries have come forward in legalizing the production of industrial hemp, considering its unlimited advantages. Also, the availability of CBD products online is proving out to be very useful for consumers who are willing to try more eco-friendly options for their daily needs. The most important step forward is to start learning more about these products and clear all the myths surrounding them.

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