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Why is customized software development the right choice for your business requirements?

The issue 

Custom software applications are now very popular among IT companies. Issues such as speed, efficiency and automation have become key factors. Standard software, which is suitable for many tasks, is not able to cover unique needs. Customized tools take into account all the peculiarities of the company's activities and can provide more coherent, efficient and continuous work. Standard applications will not be able to fully satisfy individual needs. That is why highly specialized solutions are what can bring huge benefits to your business.

Let's take a look at the benefits of custom software according to Velvetech.

Long-term investment

Developing a personalized software solution is an undeniably expensive investment. Standard tools can cost you much less, and probably can be free downloaded from the Internet. However, custom development is a smart long-term investment. You will not need to purchase any additional programs or plug-ins, because all the settings will already cover your business needs. Besides, you should not be afraid that the software manufacturer will unexpectedly drop support for the application.


The aspect of security is highly important in any business. All projects developed using standard open-source apps are much more assailable. The versatility of such programs makes them more vulnerable to attacks. Customized solutions are developed according to the requirements of a specific business. All settings and configurations are made to work within a particular company and nowhere else. That is why such solutions initially provide a higher level of security.

Independence and stability

A customized app gives you the confidence in uninterrupted and stable operation of the tool. Whereas standard apps make you dependent on updates and versions. The software developer may unexpectedly end support for the version you are using. You can only hope that the developers will continue to support you for a long time, otherwise, you will have to urgently look for a replacement. By developing a personalized tool, you guarantee yourself eternal support and stability. You can always add new functionality depending on your needs.


In today’s world, in order to stay afloat and be ahead of competitors, it is important to constantly scale and introduce advanced technologies. A standard solution often limits companies' scalability and prevents them from adapting to trends. As a result, it slows down business development. However, a custom solution is designed to allow you endless scalability and freedom for changes.

Quality support

The custom tool provides businesses with reliable support from the development team. Specialists involved in the development of a customized app for you are perfectly familiar with the business processes of your company. This means that you can get quality support and solutions to all possible problems. For example, now a lot of people face cryptocurrency issues searching for the Best Bitcoin Loans. In any important matter, it is critically necessary to have expert support.

Relevance of software development

Of course, not in all 100% of cases, it is worth considering the development of a customized app as a necessity. Forbes states that sometimes personalized solution is a luxury you may not need. Here are some indicators to help you make your choice.

Custom development is used when:

  1. It is necessary to strengthen the security of software solutions development, information security and financial data security.
  1. If the company will scale up significantly in the future.
  1. New processes are constantly being introduced and you require new programs for them. That is, you do not have a single tool, but there is a set for each task.

The bottom line

Specialized apps have great advantages over standard programs. Custom development will greatly benefit your business and will definitely increase your competitive edge. Of course, you should conduct an analysis, because the costs of developing an individual solution are high. Also, cooperate only with professional companies so as not to waste your money.

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