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Why Is Dental Marketing Such a Popular Digital marketing Niche?


Dental marketing seems to be a whole new niche of its own these days. While there are more glamorous industries out there to target, the dental industry has found itself amid a marketing war. There are tons of advertising, digital marketing, and offline businesses all looking to grab a piece of the dental industry’s huge and ever-fluctuating financial gains. The question is, why do these marketing companies go out of their way to target this niche in particular?

Here are 3 reasons why we are seeing this trend:

  • New Local Surgeries Opening
  •         Reliable Source of Income
  •         A Wide Range of Services Can be Sold

New Local Surgeries Opening

Dentistry is a big-money business and where there is money there is an investment opportunity. Many surgeries benefit from government funding in countries such as the UK; while even in countries with no government funding, new surgeries still seem to be popping up all over the place.

At some point in life, everyone needs a dentist and naturally, people will gravitate towards the nearest practice to their home or place of work. Now when we compare this to a local restaurant. You may eat there regularly but you will also be happy to wander further afield to try other cuisines to try something different.

On the other hand, dentists offer relatively the same service aside from a few specialist procedures. Therefore, if you can register as a patient at the nearest dentist convenient to you, then you probably will. For this reason alone, it is easy for a dental practice to open almost anywhere. Even a dental practice operating in a small village with a low population will generate plenty of business.

As such, in comparison to any other industry, more dental surgeries are opening, and even more importantly these surgeries are staying open for business. This leads to increased competition and in order to compete within the marketplace the dental practice needs marketing services such as web design, SEO, paid ads, local newspaper ads, and so on.

For a marketing company, it makes sense to create specialized services in an industry where there is more potential for new customers are popping up seeking dental marketing services.

Reliable Source of Income

Dentists tend to be noticeably short on appointments. It has to be said, the dental industry appears to be booming because any business that is short on appointments is a busy one. It is quite rare to arrange an appointment at the last minute unless you are prepared to pay extra fees which are often not cheap.

Consequently, marketing companies are generally on the lookout for long-term clients with a stable income. It is rare to find a client base that will continue to pay for marketing services guaranteeing a steady income revenue for the marketing firm.

Dental surgeries have both a reliable source of income, they can be high paying clients because let’s face it most dentists and their surgeries earn a small fortune, and it is very unlikely that the dental firm will run short of clients or into financial difficulty.

A Wide Range of Services Can be Sold

Although you may not think it, the dentistry is an innovative industry. There are always new technics being discovered, new ways to reduce the cost of dental services, and new cosmetic dentistry methods being introduced.

When a new service is available, the dental practice will want to it placed on their website, they will need their marketing company to start building awareness using various forms of advertising as well as content marketing. This means blogs need writing, services need explaining, videos need to be created, images created and circulated, new information needs to be pumped out on social media, and emails sent out to the practice’s clientele using email marketing tools.

Now that’s just for an already established dental practice. Imagine selling marketing services to a dental practice just opening for business. Website design is needed, social media needs setting up, Google maps, multiple directory listings, email marketing plans, and press release circulation are all necessary marketing elements that need implementing.

All of these services collated can create numerous opportunities for marketing companies to sell their all-in-one dental marketing services and close on a big-money marketing deal.


If you are a digital marketer then maybe you should investigate dental marketing as a service that your firm can offer. Angle the services to specifically answer all the marketing needs and wants a dental practice may need. You should be able to offer a full suite of services so the dental business uses your company for every aspect of marketing the dental practice could need.

Even if you are weak on some aspects of your marketing, you can brush up on your knowledge by reading articles and guides that specifically cover marketing within the dental industry. For example, check out this guide that covers dental SEO tips, look at dental websites and get a feel for the online presence the practice has in its local area.

We are not saying that you should only create services for dentists, there also plenty of other lucrative industry sectors you target. Architect companies are veterinary clinics are other big-money market sectors that digital marketing companies tend to focus on for the same reasons they would target the dental industry.

In the end, what you are doing is taking your generic marketing services and packaging them into a fully comprehensive ‘dental marketing’ service that offers solutions to dental practices that are looking to invest in a solid marketing plan that will keep their dental business competitive in the local market.