Why is Everest Base Camp One of the Thrilling adventure?

everest base camp

If you are looking for the places that you can trek in Nepal, then Everest Base camp should be your best choice. It's one of the most chosen and famous destinations for many trekkers. Everest base camp refers to a cam that is located on the opposite sides of Mount Everest. This camp is normally, used by mountain climbers as a resting place for any trekker. In case you are a first timer trekker then you may be thinking why so many people who visit choose this camp. When it comes to terrain there are no ice or ropes needed and there is no vertical climbing which is involved.

During your visit, you get an opportunity of enjoying your trek, which starts from Lukla through Valley of Dudh Koshi up to Namche Bazar. Some of the reasons why Everest base camp is worth visiting areas highlighted below.

Why is Everest Base Camp One of the Thrilling adventure?

Mt. Everest peak

The highest peak of the world, which is about 8848m lies in this region (Mt. Everest). When you are at the base camp trek you will not be climbing this highest peak but you will have an opportunity of experiencing the panoramic view of the mountain is a close manner. There are also other peaks in this area, which you will get to view such as:

• Mt. Lhotse Shar- 8393m

• Mt. Lhotse- 8501m

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• Mt. Cho Oyo- 8153m

• Mt. Makalu- 8463m

If you prefer visiting the mountainous areas then Everest base camp trek is the best choice.

Sherpa culture

Sherpa people whose way of speaking, tradition, culture, and lifestyle is very different from other tribes in Nepal inhibit most of the Everest area. When you travel to Nepal, you will be able to see the extraordinary way of how they welcome and treat visitors. Since they live a different lifestyle, you also notice how their foods taste different. In the end, you will realize that such kind of trip can be very amazing and memorable.

Taking photographs

taking photo

If you have gone for trekking at Everest base camp then it’s obvious that you will wish to watch Mt. Everest at a close distance and also take photographs. On your way to Everest Base Camp, you will get an opportunity of taking photos at various natural sceneries and smaller mountains. Apart from having a selfie stick, it's good that you carry your camera. Taking pictures can make your experience to be wonderful as remind you of the good experience that you.

Taking selfies at Kalapatthar

Kalapatthar is a vintage hiking spot that you can get at Everest base camp trek that’s about 2½ hours walk from Gorakshep. Once you are there you will be able to see Mount Pumori, which is on the Northern side of Kalapatthar. There’s also a steep ridge at the Western side. If you like taking selfies then you can buy a selfie stick at Kalapatthar so that you can take selfies at the top of Kalapatthar. Alternatively, you can borrow one from other trekkers.

Watch the documentary clock at Namche

Every day at Café Danphe Bar, Namche, this bar host a movie shows at 3.pm. Normally these movies are about mountaineering and culture of the Sherpa people. You can enjoy watching this movie as you take some of your favorite drinks. You can also enjoy playing a pool table game.

Museum and Monasteries

There are so many Monasteries in the Everest area especially at the hills where you can have a better view of the mountains. These monasteries are cultural and spiritual in nature. At this camp, you can visit the Sagarmatha National Park Museum where you can learn about the history of Sherpa people.

Making New Friends

Since Everest base camp trek is a famous place, you will be assured of meeting so many people there. In case you are a person who likes to make new friends then this is the best place that you should visit as you can get people of various nationalities.

Prayer flags

While you are at the EBC trek then prayer flags some of the common things that you will notice on your way. These flags are made up to clothes and prayer are inscribed. Definitely, you will love the way on how these flags are made and hanged up.

WiFi connection

Many of the people expect to get free WIFi at any place that they travel to even if it’s at the high mountains. Telecom companies in Nepal have continued to expand their Internet connections in the high mountain of Everest. You can access these networks by paying some money and being given a password. If you wish to enjoy Internet connections then you should buy a local SIM card from Kathmandu before you start the trek.

On your way to Lukla, you can follow the new bridge that is below Namche.

As seen above there are so many reasons why Everest base camp can offer you a thrilling experience. If you have never gone for any trekking activity then this camp is the best choice for you.