Why Is EZ Invoice Factoring Your Top Choice?


If your business is waiting on unpaid invoices, counting down the 30 to 90 days until payday is way too much to ask for. For the success of your business, you need working capital right away. The right factoring company will make all the difference in the speed of your business’s cash flow. We recommend EZ Invoice Factoring as our top choice for its ability to help small, medium, and large companies gather the funding they need to continue their growth. Here we talk about why this firm is the best option out there.


Completely Versatile Assistance

One of the things that make EZ Invoice Factoring so great is that it is incredibly versatile. They serve many different industries and accommodate the services you need to ensure your business continues its growth. Additionally, the firm's size does not matter, and cash flow issues are addressed regardless of the industry or longevity of the business. The sectors that this firm serves are incredibly diverse and include industries such as trucking, medical, construction, staffing, and many others. Additionally, the fast-matching process that is a cornerstone of the company suggests that they are able to find personal account managers who specialize in your industry or area of business. You do not have to worry about being paired with someone who is inadequately prepared to find funding for your specific business needs.


Open to your Terms

EZ Invoice Factoring is able to assist with working capital needs based on the unique terms of your business. The company is unlike competitors because it does not require strict requirements in order to get you approved. It does not follow typical business financing protocols that the majority of competitors rely on for factoring. Instead of relying on safeguarding policies to preserve theirbusiness, the firm puts the customer first and prioritizes their needs. The company's main objective is to provide any business with fast funding regardless of its layout. Knowing that the company is so flexible to individual business terms, you can feel confident knowing that wherever you are in your business growth, it will give you the funding resources you need to succeed. Some companies just starting out may be too afraid to approach factoring because they feel they will be rejected for their lack of experience or ability to show their growth. Instead,the firm sees every business's potential and does not discredit anyone for being in the beginning stages of business development.


A Simple Process with ezinvoicefactoring.com

Rather than waiting weeks to learn of your approval status, EZ Invoice Factoring pairs you with a personal account manager that can get you approved in 24 hours. This personal manager will take time to learn the exact funding needs that apply to you to get the funds you need right away. This company strives to allow the business to stay in the driver's seat and decide how often invoices are factored. Competitors do not follow this quick turnaround process, and it can take up to 90 days to receive answers regarding your approval status. The wait time is an ineffective way to conduct business and makes factoring appear like an unideal solution for companies who need funding. Thankfully, you do not have to worry about long wait times and can receive your funding right away with EZ Invoice Factoring. See just how quickly the company can pair you with the right factor, go to ezinvoicefactoring.com and reach out to a customer service representative.


Respectful of Differences

EZ Invoice Factoring is unique in that it responds effectively to differences across businesses. The company understands that invoice factoring requires a partnership that is able to meet the needs of companies wherever they are. Relying on uniform protocols is an inconsistent and ineffective way to help businesses acquire the funding they need. The company uses strategies that are specifically tailored to meet your business requirements no matter the industry. The “seasoned” approach, meaning that it is willing to work only with long-established businesses, is not a policy for EZ Invoice Factoring. The objective of the company is to work with companies of all different industries and growth points. If you are a brand-new business just getting off the ground, it is willing to work with you and meet you where you are. You can count on their company-defined factors to meet your specific needs so that you can allocate funding instantly.


Clients are Not Charged

For clients, EZ Invoice Factoring services are entirely free. The company is paid by the factoring company for their referral, making it easy for them to serve clients without the need to charge them. Working with the company is an easy way to gather funding needs without paying a fortune. In fact, you don't even pay a dime. Other companies do not work under this policy, and they do charge their clients for their services. The firm has found the workaround with their ability to receive their own payment from the providers they link you with. This is a win-win strategy that allows you and the company to benefit from working together.


Nationwide Resources Abound

One of the reasons that EZ Invoice Factoring is able to be so accommodating is because it partners with nationwide resources to match you with the funding you need. With a large span of resources available, it is much more possible for the company to match you with funding quickly and at little cost to you. Like crowdfunding or growing a business via social media outreach, EZ Invoice Factoring knows the importance of leveraging as many resources as possible to grow and expand its company. With all of these resources at their disposal, you are also benefited. You are more likely to be matched with one of their many options given the plethora of resources they have accumulated over time.


Your Credit is Irrelevant

Unlike working with banks, EZ Invoice Factoring is able to approve you without having a positive credit background. Regardless of your credit issues, factoring needs are never disqualified. The specialist will place you with an account manager who will get you approved in as little as 24 hours and up to five business days at the latest. Once you are approved, you can expect to receive up to 90% of your funding per every invoice in as little time as 24 hours. Many people seek to improve their financial situation by opening up a business themselves. Suppose you are someone coming from a place of poor credit who is dedicated to turning their business into the recovery act they need. In that case, EZ Invoice Factoring understands this method and will not reject you for previous financial woes. Receiving the funding you need is typically challenging when you are coming from a place of bad credit. This is not the case with EZ Invoice Factoring making it a perfect solution for practically any company out there.


No Commitment Necessary

EZ Invoice Factoring wants to provide you with the best funding services possible. To do so, they have omitted any need for commitment or minimum requirements in order to receive quality invoice factoring. They aim to be a service provider that is able to give you fast cash flow whenever you need it. If you are unsatisfied with the company, you are not bound by any commitment or paperwork, which allows you to look at other options quickly.


Major Company Connections

You can rest assured knowing that EZ Invoice Factoring will link you with the rightarrangement given that it works with many big-name businesses like UPS, Landstar, and Coyote Logistics. Specific programs are available for companies who work with these big names, ensuring that transportation solutions are easy to accommodate with this company.


Customer-Centered “Can-Do” Attitude

The company strives to provide a “can-do” attitude for all of its customers, ensuring that you will not leave unsatisfied. You can count on the company to provide you with the right personal manager and the right options to meet your funding needs. The business consideration is crucial to how this company organizes funding, so you can know that your needs will be precisely met. Other competitors follow traditional guidelines, which limit the flexibility available for meeting individual business needs. Finding the right factor to work with you and your business needs is the ultimate priority of EZ Invoice Factoring. You never need to worry about changing how you work or conduct business to get funding.


The Bottom Line

The firm is the best option out there for companies who need cash flow quickly. No matter your specifications, the company works with you where you are to get the funding you need as soon as possible. If you're looking for a fast and flexible way to receive the cash you need now, EZ Invoice Factoring is the way to go.