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Why Is Isopropyl Alcohol Important In Cleaning?

Cleaning has become more important than ever because people have become more paranoid about the COVID-19 situation. They are always in search of disinfectants and other cleaning products that can give better cleaning results. Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) is one of the best sanitization and cleaning solutions that can destroy bacteria and protect you against all types of viruses. 

Having isopropyl alcohol in your cleaning solutions can make them stronger against pathogens and harmful microbes. This article mentions how isopropyl alcohol is an important component of your cleaning solutions. 

What Is Isopropyl Alcohol?

Isopropyl alcohol or isopropanol alcohol is a widely used disinfectant in the chemical industries for effective cleaning and disinfecting. Its demand has increased in the previous year because of the pandemic situation. It is a clear and colorless liquid that acts as a major component in disinfectants and sanitizers. It has a strong odor, but mixing it with other chemical solutions or water can reduce its odor. Isopropyl alcohol is also called rubbing alcohol and has great antiseptic properties. 

How Is 70% Isopropyl Alcohol Better?

Isopropyl alcohol is typically mixed with water for cleaning purposes. It works by damaging the cell wall of the organism, causing the wall to burst and dissolve quickly. The ideal concentration is 70% with 30% water to give better cleaning results. However, you can use 60%-90% of Isopropyl alcohol with 10%-20% of water for cleaning. A higher concentration of isopropyl alcohol doesn't mean that it will be more resistant to bacteria or have more fungicidal properties. 

When IPA has a longer stay on the surface, it effectively eliminates most bacteria and viruses. A solution with 70% isopropyl alcohol and 30% water slows down the evaporation rate, thereby removing germs and other microorganisms. This solution also produces less odor and vapor, which decreases the risk of toxic fumes and combustion. 

However, isopropyl alcohol is not effective against fungal growth. Bleach and hydrogen peroxide are better suited for the elimination of fungus and fungal spores.

When To Use Higher Concentrations Of IPA?

Higher concentrations of isopropyl alcohol are suitable for places that need immediate evaporation. Because 90% of IPA has 10% water, it evaporates much more quickly than 70% alcohol. Medical devices, computer chips, and circuit boards are the places where you can use this level of concentration. 99% of IPA is suitable for cleaning residues, and 70% is suitable for sanitization purposes. 

Therefore, it is better to use higher concentrations of IPA that need immediate cleaning and don't have to wait for the evaporation time. Also, 90% concentration is more effective against sticky residues, grime, and other greasy particles. 

IPA As A Cleaning Agent

IPA is an excellent cleaning agent when combined with water or other cleaning solutions. Its low concentration evaporates slowly, which is great for cleaning almost every type of germ. Moreover, its different concentrations can kill different types of bacteria and germs on different surfaces. 70% of IPA is the best for sanitization, and 99% or more is the best for cleaning sticky residues. It gives the most effective results when it comes to cleaning daily, especially amidst the Coronavirus. 

Other Applications Of Isopropyl Alcohol

  • Cleaning and disinfecting hard surfaces

  • Disinfecting clothes

  • Deodorizing shoes

  • Cleaning electronic devices

  • Reducing body odor

  • Sanitizing 

  • Disinfecting tick bites

  • Processing essential oils

  • Car detailing

  • In astringents 


Final Words


If you are looking for the best sanitization solution, having isopropyl alcohol can be beneficial for you. For cleaning purposes, it is better to opt for a solution with 70% IPA to yield effective cleaning results. 90% or more concentration is suitable for cleaning greasy particles.

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