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Why is it worth studying in New Zealand?

New Zealand is one of the most popular study destinations in the world. Thousands of students from all over the world choose to study in this country every year and most of them think it is worth studying in New Zealand? Why is it worth studying in New Zealand? This post will tell you.

Study in beautiful surroundings

But both the North and South Island are packed full of completely different places worth seeing. The spectacular natural landscapes are spread over a length of over 1,600 kilometers and a maximum width of 450 kilometers. The people of New Zealand are generally very friendly and open-minded. You will have no difficulty making new contacts and making friends.


You can recognize an individual character at every location in New Zealand. Because the country is so compact, you can easily explore some fascinating places during your stay. The capital of New Zealand is Wellington. It is located on the southern tip of the North Island. Picturesque green hills and the sparkling harbor surround the city. At the narrowest point, the main islands are only separated from each other by the 23 kilometers wide Cook Strait.

Excellent universities in New Zealand

In addition to the breathtaking landscapes, New Zealand offers several renowned universities, such as The University of Auckland, The University of Waikato, Massey University, University of Otago and so on. These universities in New Zealand enjoy a good international reputation around the world, so a stay abroad in New Zealand can definitely advance your professional career a good bit. For more information about studying in New Zealand, you can visit CatEight, a professional and comprehensive platform with a great number of useful tips about overseas study.

Improve English in different activities

You are definitely in the right place in New Zealand if you want to perfect your English skills. This works extremely well in the relaxed Pacific atmosphere of the two halves of the island. In addition, New Zealand is characterized by the many activities that are possible there. Whether mountaineering, water sports or a visit to the national park - it never gets boring in New Zealand. On the South Island you can discover glaciers, vineyards and fjords. Many scenic sections have remained untouched to this day, so that the attentive visitor will find unforgettable natural paradises. Active students can surf in New Zealand in the morning and go skiing in the late afternoon. This can hardly be achieved anywhere else in the wild.

Affordable tuition

New Zealand is still considered an exotic place to study. Most students are drawn to the USA or an English-speaking European city. The tuition fees are comparatively affordable and the requirements are relatively easy to meet in New Zealand. The quality of the universities, however, is first class. Although the English language has only the status of an official language, around 96% of all residents speak English. The official languages are Te Reo Māori and the sign language of New Zealand. New Zealand English is somewhat similar to Australian. Some New Zealanders swallow a few syllables, which occasionally puts fluent communication to the test. In addition, some terms, especially words relating to flora and fauna, come from the Maori language. Because some Maori words have become an integral part of English in New Zealand, the colloquial language is also called "Kiwi English". Basically, the friendliness of the residents helps with any communication difficulties.


New Zealand is an excellent choice for studying abroad in terms of the quality of teaching, the learning environment, and the cost of study. It’s not surprising why so many people want to study in New Zealand every year.

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