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Why is Protecting Wildlife a Necessity?

The world is full of wonders, including the precious wildlife species. They are all the living things that cannot be domesticated, such as deer, elk, wolves, mountain goats, bears, tigers, and several plants and organisms. Many governmental and non-governmental organisations have taken an active part in the conservation of wildlife.

Wildlife conservation refers to the protection of endangered plant and animal species which also includes their natural habitat. The main goal is to ensure that the species along with their habitats are preserved to allow the future generations to grow. Wildlife conservation also prioritizes raising awareness regarding the need for wilderness and wildlife. Many government organizations and bureaus are now promoting the conservation of wildlife in different parts of the world. By volunteering Australia, you can help in promoting this cause as well. The government is also aiming to implement specific policies that can save endangered species of plants and animals.

But why is everybody so concerned about wildlife and why do we really need to conserve them? Turns out, wildlife is actually very important for human existence and they benefit us in several indirect ways. It is not only for their survival, but also to maintain the ecosystem’s diversity which will contribute to the improvement of the ecological health of our planet.

To make it clearer to you, we will tell you why wildlife is so precious and needs to be protected.

Promoting Biodiversity

In order to have a functional and healthy ecosystem, biodiversity is extremely crucial. If wildlife is not allowed to grow in their natural habitat, the ecosystem’s delicate balance will be disrupted leading to disastrous consequences. For instance, a tropical rainforest is a home to a wide range of wild species. If any of them goes extinct, it will end up disrupting the food chain. Therefore, other species will also be affected. This is the reason, promoting and maintaining rich biodiversity is very important.

Benefiting Humans

Animals are a source of learning which is extremely beneficial for humans. We have prepared medicines by using the chemicals released by animals. These medications have been a massive hit in curing several health conditions, like heart diseases, disorders, and other kinds of illnesses. Even today, scientists are studying ways to use the venom of a pit viper for curing symptoms related to Melanoma.

We need to protect wildlife because if they are extinct, it will be impossible to study them. Unfortunately, many precious wild species have become extinct due to human activities, like the Japanese wolf, Mexican grizzly bear, and the Bali tiger. Many animal species like birds, bats, and bees are also responsible for pollination. By transferring pollen grains, they fertilize flowers and help in the production of fruits.

By conserving the natural habitats of these wild species, we are enriching our planet. It is time we understand that wildlife and humans are co-dependent. We cannot survive without the other. This is why we should join our hand together and work towards making our planet a better place to live for the wildlife and us.

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