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Why is python a valuable skill to acquire for data science?

Python’s popularity as a general purpose programming language continues to rise as indicated by the TIOBE index for July 2019 where it achieved a rating of 9.260%. Interestingly, Python has also emerged as one of the most preferred platforms used by data scientists. It topped the charts of 20th annual KDnuggets poll on data science platforms in 2019 with 65.8% of the poll participants reporting Python as the preferred platform to solve data science and analytics problems. A similar report by Harnham in 2019 suggested that Python is not only the most popular programming language in the realm of data science but also it is the most used tool for data works at the moment. Such developments indicate that it is very important for data science and analytics aspirants to acquire Python skills.

Why Python is so popular in the world of data science?

There are multiple advantages of Python which makes it better than its rivals like R. For instance, Python is the easiest to learn due to its uncluttered easy-to-use syntax and its sheer versatility makes users very comfortable. Moreover, Python has a very strong support community where people are constantly sharing ideas and helping each other. Some of the other reasons behind its popularity are-

  • The biggest reason behind its popularity in the world of data science is its rich resource of support libraries or packages like NumPy, SciPy and Matplotlib. Data scientists can easily perform complex mathematical operation in NumPy and scientific calculations in SciPy, while Matplotlib is a great tool for data visualization in Python. Other Python packages like Pandas, tensorflow and Scikit-Learn deserves special mention because they help data scientists to solve complex problems using Machine Learning and Deep Learning models.
  • Leading companies like Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, Amazon and Netflix all use Python for a variety of advantages. For instance professionals in Instagram use Python for its friendly nature and simplicity. They also use Python’s framework- Django and other packages for their amazing capability. Netflix is another giant today who use Python for their impressive content delivery network called Open Connect. CORE, a Netflix team uses python libraries like NumPy and SciPy for statistical and analytical works. Thus, Python’s popularity can also be attributed to the overwhelming success of such industry giants.

Increase your chances of big opportunities with Python

Looking at the popularity of Python, there is no denying that recruiters today look for Python skills in data science and analytics aspirants. Thus with a python training you can easily attract the attention of big employers. Moreover a Python training in Malaysia will further increase your chances of landing on your dream job. Malaysia is home to one of the fastest growing digital economies in the world and is a hub for companies investing in data science. The country is constantly featured in the top of digital evolution indexes and has a great digital ecosystem. Thus with a Python training in Malaysia you can easily build a successful career in data science!

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