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Why Is React Native an Ideal Choice for Mobile App Development?

The mobile app development industry is by far one of the biggest industries in the market. Since the demand for smartphones has increased significantly with digitization, the popularity of mobile applications is also on the rise. 

Earlier, if an entrepreneur wished to develop a mobile app, they had to ask their mobile applications development company to write codes specific to each platform, either Android or iOS. 

However, since the user base began expanding and the audiences drifted to different operating systems. Therefore, now entrepreneurs need to develop applications that can touch a higher number of users. Consequently, they resorted to developing cross-platform mobile applications. 

A cross-platform or hybrid mobile application can run on various platforms while only requiring the developer to code once and run the application on pretty much any platform.

This way, businesses can reach a greater audience without incurring a high cost of development. However, how to choose which particular technology is suitable to develop an application that millions will validate?

Well, the thought of choosing the wrong cross-platform technology for your application can be stressful, but why worry when the market has a robust hybrid framework like React Native.

What is React Native?

Facebook developed React Native to be a high-value open-source framework that can efficiently create cross-platform applications. The framework combines the principal elements of React, a popular JavaScript-based framework, and makes an application that is worthy of all praises.

Most companies working on the traditional tech stacks compromise quality, cost, scope, or productivity. To counter such challenges, there is a need to introduce new stacks like React Native.

Companies like Facebook, Instagram, Flipkart, Uber Eats, Skype, Pinterest, and many more have actively used React Native for their mobile applications. In fact, we, a mobile application development company, also recommend you to develop your app using React Native if you wish for a high-performing cross-platform app.


Reasons backing the claim:

React Native comes with many advantages; some of them are mentioned below:

  • Reusable code:

The hybrid framework offers reusable code, which means a developer would not have to code an application, again and again, to launch it on different operating systems. 

Suppose you have been developing an iOS application, but you realize the need to launch your project on Android in the mid-development stage as well. In such cases, a Native application would require your developer to code again for the specific platform.

However, if you’ve already based your application on React Native, you can use the same code for different platforms. This means you will not only have flexibility but also save up time and money.

  • A Native Feel:

The biggest fear of entrepreneurs while developing a hybrid application is missing out on native capabilities. However, this is not the case with React Native. The framework’s components align perfectly with the native development elements. This allows programmers to enhance the app’s agility, develop UI faster, and provide a truly native feel that makes a native app and a react native app hard to distinguish.

  • Industry Popularity and Community Support: 

React Native enjoys popularity within the developer community. It has one of the most significant communities of developers that constantly support the framework and offer upgrades and doubt solving. 

One of the primary benefits of choosing technology with a vast community is that you will have plenty of resources to solve your doubts, and your project development will never come to a halt. You can take help from the expert community or check out the libraries to find information relevant to your project anytime, anywhere.

  • Hot and Live Reloading:

React Native’s core consists of the Hot and Live reloading function; this allows your developer or mobile application development company to make real-time changes and fixes in your application while it loads. Its live feature will automatically load the complete application once these changes are integrated.

On the other hand, the hot reload will only load the particular area that has been changed. This eases the testing and development process and provides a better time to market.


  • Third-Party Plugin Support:

The React Native team is working on upgrading the framework to provide even optimized results. However, technology is still evolving. Therefore, some functions may still be missing from the framework. 

That could’ve been a reason to worry, but thankfully, it is not because React Native comes with two types of third-party plugin support - Native and JavaScript-based modules.

React Native offers the ability to connect any plugin with a third-party or Native module.

For example, if you wish to integrate Google Maps into your React Native application, it is a very convenient process to carry out using a third-party plugin integration.


The advantages React Native provides in hybrid app development are competent enough to make it your top choice. Due to React Native’s abilities, many industry giants did not hesitate a bit before including it in their tech stack.

Trust us, developing an application using React Native is an easy and efficient process; the framework can provide an entrepreneur with multitudes of benefits. However, the technology you choose for your application will not solely derive its success. 

You must also choose a reliable mobile application development company that can help bring your vision to reality with their expertise. 

Daniel Zayas
Daniel Zayas
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