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Why is Stage Lighting So Important? Find Out Here!

Whether it is a musical concert or a drama that is taking place on a stage, its impact grows hundredfold when the lighting is right. And that is probably the reason people attach so much of importance to stage lighting. Let’s look at some amazing ways in which stage lighting can enhance the impact of a stage show. Have a look-

stage lighting

  • The first and most important thing that we have to bear in mind is that a stage show is something which has to be visible to an audience that is near as well as far. And that is why it’s always been so important. You cannot expect people to enjoy a show that they can’t even see properly. And to see things properly on the stage, it has to be properly lit. To make sure the lighting of the stage is done in the best possible manner, hire a good lighting provider.
  • It holds special importance when it comes to a musical concert. The reason why it is so important in such stage performances is that people want to connect to what is happening on the stage. And the more excited the audience gets the better the show performs in totality. Say, for instance, you have gone to watch a stage show of your favourite singer. No matter how far or new you are seated or standing from the stage; you will probably want to have a clear view of your favourite singer. In such a scenario, spotlighting helps immensely. By using spotlights efficiently, the focus can be put on the lead singer or the main performer of the show.
  • In theatres and other such dramas, certain effects need to be created. For instance, if it is a rain scene, then you certainly cannot have water pouring from the canopy of the stage on the performers acting on the stage. Not just the stage even the performers will get drenched as a result. As an alternative, it can be used to create the effect of rain. Similarly, effects of fire and storm can also be created using light.
  • And it’s not just bright lighting that is required to enhance the beauty of a stage performance. Sometimes, dim lighting might also be needed. To make sure all kinds of lights – starting from dim to bright- are available for your show, you will have to make sure that a good company dealing in stage lighting is working for you.
  • Sometimes it is required to enhance the impact of the music that is playing at the backdrop of a drama. For example, when the effect of lightning is given, it is generally given through a pre-recorded sound of lightning. But because we are used to seeing lightning along with a flash of light in real life, we don’t get the feeling of having seen lightning when the lightning sound isn’t accompanied by a flash of light created using artificial light sources. For stage performances, lighting and sound go hand in hand.

Now, that you know in how many different ways lighting can be used to better a stage show, there is no reason why you shouldn’t take this factor seriously.


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