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Why Is Technology Bad For Us?

Technology came with a boom and digitalized the whole world. There is a population of more than 7 billion human beings on the planet Earth and more than half of the population has access to modern technology. Technology is present in our world in various forms such as mobile phones, lights, computers, coffee machines, and so on. One way or the other we are dependent on technology now. One can never imagine their life without technology as it is helping us be more productive with our day-to-day tasks. All of this shows how much advantage technology has brought to humans. But this technology being a blessing is also a curse and a curse that is worsening the situation of humans gradually.

The disadvantages of technology are almost outweighing how much advantage technology first brought us. When the technology became more innovative and truer to life it was implemented in almost all aspects of our life and its main purpose was to improve human life. Human life has improved drastically over the years thanks to technology. (Blogs like 10coolgadgets and 10kreviews are the fast growing brands which are going to discuss these issues even in more detail). Anyhow, one cannot even imagine living in a world where one can do their job or talk to someone in another country without the help of technology. However, being a good thing for us technology has brought us a fair share of bad things to tackle with it too.

Let’s discuss what factors are making technology so bad for us human beings to enjoy it to the fullest:

We are Addicted to Technology:

As smartphones and computers have become easily available to the masses, we have become addicted to them. Whether we are alone or we are with someone we are constantly looking at screens scrolling through our feeds. Other than phones, gaming consoles have made people addicted to playing games 24/7 without a break, which means one goes on long marathons of gaming in a single sitting.

This type of behavior is extremely worrying. According to psychologists, the addiction to technology can be categorized as a medically diagnosable addiction that needs to be treated with therapy.

Addiction is an extreme obsession with anything that ruins your life. Technology having the potential to get someone addicted to it is extremely disturbing. This technology was once invented for the better of human life but it has gone to become an addiction to people.

Eyesight Worsens:

An addiction to technology means increased on-screen time. Our digital screens have the potential to worsen our eyesight. The overuse of screens gives us a blurry or double vision problem and to address this problem you might have to correct your eyesight through glasses. However, long term use of digital screens can also dry out your eyes, can make them itchy, red, and sore. Our eyes are not made to look at digital screens for long intervals of time. They need rest and care and by watching a screen for long periods we are abusing our eyes. Hence, our eye conditions get worse over time.

Tech can Induce Insomnia:

You might wonder how can technology be responsible for inducing insomnia. Let us tell you that our digital screen emits blue-light and blue light is physically known to have the shortest wavelength out of all light colors. The short wavelength of blue light interferes with the natural eyesight mechanism that signals our brain to release hormones like serotonin and melatonin that are responsible for our sleep-wake cycles.

Due to this interference, we can have problems sleeping and having rough nights. The more you look at digital the more your sleep cycle will be interfered with. Long term usage of screens makes your sleep cycle delay.

Insomnia can also be induced by FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). Someone who is addicted to technology, always want to get information about news, music, videos, and all other stuff that is available through music. They want to be the first to know about it. This constant craze of being the first and not miss out on any update also make it difficult for one to sleep peacefully.

Bad Postures are Getting Normal:

Bad postures are pretty common now, as when one is using their mobile or sitting on their desktops their back is arched and their neck is bowed down. This bad posture leads to users having back and neck problems. Neck and back problems were once used to problems of seniors but the continued use of technology has made this problem pretty common in the young folks too. Such bad postures not only affect you physically but also affect your mental health. Bad postures give you a bad and depressed mood. A depressed mood means you feel low, your workflow gets slow and you do not feel good about yourself.

Yes, technology provided us with good tools to enhance our productivity, but these same tools have managed to make us feel bad about ourselves.

Social Media is Destroying Mental Health:

Social media was introduced to the world to connect people globally. To share their lives and experiences with the people they know instantly. Social media did connect people globally but it also deteriorated people’s mental health globally. Today is the culture of like, views and shares. Everyone wants to have the greatest number of likes on their photos and videos. They want to be famous and to be praised by total strangers on the internet. This constant competition of having the greatest number of likes and engagement leads to anxiety and depression if the expectations do not meet reality.

In teenagers, social media has really put a negative impact as they are always chasing for like and comments. Rather than focusing on studies and life goals, teenagers now have goals to have certain number of likes and followers or how much skinny they want to be in a few weeks. Social media has truly destroyed people’s lives.

The platform which was once introduced to share your life’s happiest moments has now become the reason of people’s happiness. This news is extremely sad and equally disturbing considering such deteriorated social media notions have also made people quit their lives.

Socialization has Digitalized:

Internet is full of social messaging hubs and chat rooms. People go there to chat and connect to people with whom they cannot talk to in real life. Social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp etc. have also dedicated chat systems where you can chat to people and even make new friends. But this easily accessible online chat system where you do not have to face someone to socialize have really negatively impacted teenagers’ social skills.

When you socialize in real time, you observe the other person’s body language and appearance. However, in the digital world you just convey your message through typed words. This puts a barrier in people understanding the true meaning of what the other person or even you are trying to say. This also decrease your confidence, as you feel intimidated when someone is looking at you while you are talking to them.

Such technology was introduced to make people feel connected but real and honest connections are only possible when you meet each other in real time showing real expressions. Emojis and fun innuendos are of no comparison to real human expressions and feelings.

Technology Has Made Us Lazy:

You might find it pretty weird but technology has made us pretty lazy. Cooking food should be fun and creative but now due to the help of technology, a lot of people do not care to prepare their meals rather they just microwave old leftovers or order through mobile applications. We also have become lazy to go meet our friends we just end up texting them or video calling them. Rather than meeting your friends and family in real time we get lazy and resort to digital ways to contact our loved ones.

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