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Why is the divorce rate so high, especially in Western countries

Why is the divorce rate so high, especially in Western countries

The divorce rate is extremely high in the western world comparing with any other country in the world. There could be several reasons behind this from uncompromising behavior to infinite freedom. This is affecting marital life and having a bad impact on other countries as well as newlyweds.

The question here arises is what is the actual cause of this extremely rising ratio of divorce in western countries. Why two persons after getting into an official relationship, suddenly get apart from each other? What could be necessarily done to cease this issue?

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Now coming to actual question that what is the major reason behind these divorces, finding the exact reason is quite hard. As there contribute many issues in this one problem. Some of the prominent causes of this extremely high rate of divorce in western countries are as follows:  

  • High Expectations from partner

One of the most prominent causes of divorce is higher expectations. Once a couple gets committed, they start expecting more than reality from their partner. However, when one lacks in turning the expectations into reality then they start losing interest in each other and as a result, they decide to get separate.

This expectation rate usually rises in love marriages as before marriage one or both of the partners do every possible thing he or she could do to make others happy. After marriage, they do not work more on it to make it a strong relation, which simply turns into separation.

  • Not Willing to Compromise

Another reason for the increasing divorce rate in western countries is a lack of compromise. A relationship simply means compromising for each other’s happiness. Talking about western countries due to unnecessary freedom and equal rights, neither of them is willing to compromise even on the smallest things. Then lack of compromise simply leads to divorce and ruins a healthy happy relationship.

Therefore, to cease this problem as well as to make marital life happier and joyful, there is a need for both of the partners to share everything equally and compromise for each other to make it a better relationship.

  • Equal Rights and Feminism

The other major issue that gives rise to the increasing rate of divorce is equal rights and feminism. This is actually a very severe yet sensitive issue. The thought of having the same rights for women as for men totally changed the way of thinking.

Having this authority and being an independent woman, no woman is ready to compromise on making the marriage a perfect relationship. This way of thinking ruins a relationship by adding a factor of ego in it, which is not good for a relationship at any cost.

  • Cultural Differences

Another great issue that gives hype to the problem and making it more badly is cultural differences. It is obvious that if two people get into a relationship like marriage, they have that capability to beat all the cultural norms to make this relationship an ideal one. However, what makes the situation complicated is society.

Society as a whole pressurize a couple to live their lives according to a specific culture, which makes both of them think in the opposite way and as a result, they get separated. Cultural difference makes their relationship to end up with divorce. This must be stopped in order to minimize this divorce rate in western countries.

  • Unusual Independence

This is also a prominent reason that contributes to giving rise to the divorce rate. More than usual independence for both of the partners is extremely toxic for a healthy relationship. Being an independent person one or both of them start doing whatever they are likely to do without having the permission of the other.

Moreover, they do not feel like sharing anything with their partner and when the whole situation comes in front of the other, it simply results in divorce. Being independent is not a bad thing but using it for wrong sake is not acceptable. Therefore, this usually leads to a separation between the two.

  • One being more Dominating

One of the other issues for the increasing rate of divorce is the dominating personality or the nature of one in a relationship. Being more dominating, he or she thinks that the other is just no more than a little human being is I can rule forever. This leads to insecurities and often-mental issues and the other one having no choice decides to get separate.  

There is a huge difference in being dominating and being possessive for the other. Being dominating will not give any benefit to a relationship else than harm and ended up with divorce.

To overcome this problem there is a need for both of the partners to feel the same for the other one in order to make a relationship healthier and happier. Otherwise, there is no other way else than separation and divorce.


This article described some of the major causes that give rise to the increasing rate of divorces in western countries. The inappropriate use of rights and extra freedom highly contributes to this respect. Therefore, to overcome this entire situation and to cease this problem from being worse there is a need for both of the partners to compromise and feel the same for the other to make a relationship stronger.

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