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Why Is Video Marketing an Emerging Trend of Mobile and Social Internet Users?

With new businesses getting launched, the owner of the company shows excitement for the company, but at the same time, he/she worries that if his/her business is not famous and people do not recognize his/her product, it will not be a good start for the company. That is the reason why many companies start advertising their products and go for marketing strategies such as video marketing. Video marketing is a technique through which an engaging video is there in the marketing campaigns of the company. Video marketing can be done to promote a brand or the service that a company is providing for its customers so that people can be made aware of them. However, for that you must keep the video quality intact. For instance, if you are choosing Youtube for video marketing practices, then make sure that your videos are of standard quality so that there is a considerable Youtube video download option for the audience.

However, there are some trivia questions related to video marketing such as if video marketing is only related to businesses that want a product to be familiar with the customers. Well, the answer is no, there are other purposes for which video marketing is used as well. For example, people that want to deliver viral content to the audience use video marketing as a tool to do that. There are videos made by the people to let them know about some information regarding a topic, commonly known as the “how-to’s” for that matter.

Everyone has a smartphone these days

Wherever you look, almost everyone owns a smartphone of their own; it is very easy to get connected to people through social media as it is a platform where people can express their ideas. A study shows that mobile video consumption increases by 100% every year. That is how much people like watching videos, and the main reason why companies go for video marketing.

Social media is a faster way to communicate

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It is a faster way to connect with the target audience after you have put the word out regarding your product with the help of articles and blogs, it is always a good idea to continue spreading the word with the help of video marketing

YouTube is the second largest search engine

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We have seen people making videos and getting noticed by people within a few days. And with time, the person is a star and gains immense social recognition. If the business is not video marketing, it is missing out on a huge opportunity of engaging the target audience who will buy the product after getting familiar and inspired by it then. 

There are a lot of benefits that one can achieve from video marketing, some of them are in this article so that people can understand that video marketing is in trend these days and of significance too for that matter.

What are the benefits of video marketing?

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There is a boost in sales

With the help of video marketing, the sales of a product go up by a huge percentage. According to a study, 74% of the viewers that bought a product were the ones that saw an explainer video about the product before they made the purchase. Visuals are something that affects the mind of the people massively, and so if the company is marketing the product or service in a way that they show visuals to the target audience, there are many chances that they will remember it and be familiar with the product then as well.

Videos provide a great return on investment

Even if the business is new, there is no problem related to affordability when it comes to making a video. It is not necessary that the business owner hires professionals that can make an expensive video, rather it is the content that matters in this scenario. Nowadays, people can make amazing videos on their phones only; they do not need a professional camera and a mike to put forward their thoughts for that matter.

Video helps in building trust

Through video marketing, a company can engage its customers and connect with them on an emotional level. In this manner, they can create a bonding with the customers and get themselves loyal customers that trust them and are confident in buying their product again and again.


Video marketing is making its way up to the best marketing strategies that exist, and that is because of the ease of it reaching to the target audience that are the potential buyers of the product.

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