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Why Is Welding a Great Career?

When welding comes to mind as a profession, many of us conceive it as a skilled trade that involves joining metal parts into a unit by applying heat. Even though welding different pieces of material constitutes the typical welding job, there are many other projects that welders are responsible for in their industry of practice. In reality, welding requires a great deal of physical skill, analytical mindset, and problem-solving talent, which are extremely valuable for studying blueprints, calculating dimensions, inspecting structures, or maintaining equipment. 

The Future of Welding

As welding becomes even more important for manufacturing and infrastructure projects, welding technicians must become proficient in welding automation and machine operation. Moreover, as welding stretches beyond manufacturing, more welding career opportunities will become available, offering greater prospects for students interested in robotics, lasers, computer sciences, and engineering. A significant number of the welding workforce will reach retirement age in the years to come, and young and skilled welders will be called upon to fill these employment gaps. 

Welding Education

Future welders should research their welding school opportunities and identify which program better suits their skills and interests as a good starting point. Various programs offer comprehensive hands-on training and detailed theoretical instruction on the foundations of welding. A welding certificate from an accredited institution can open doors for many lucrative welding careers, such as structural welding, pipeline welding, steel alloy welding, military welding, aircraft welding, and many other positions.

Where Do Welders Work?

While investigating your future welding career possibilities, you should also consider whether you would be able to travel and work in non-conventional environments. Welders who work on pipeline projects may be transported to remote areas for weeks to complete their projects. Similarly, those who work on ships or the military might be requested to travel for a certain period and conduct preventative maintenance or make reparations on equipment. If you are mechanically inclined, like using your hands to repair things, and have a curious mind for the rest of the world, then a mobile welding job might be ideal for you. 

No College Degree Required!

Contrary to popular belief, a welding career does not require a college degree. A welding certificate can be obtained within nine months from various technical schools, while many welding and construction companies offer apprenticeship programs designed to teach advanced welding skills. Welders are in need in almost every industry, so expanding upon the basic welding skills will give you amazing advancement opportunities. In the following years, welding will be one of the highest in-demand career choices. 

How Much Do Welders Earn?

A welder’s median salary typically ranges between $40,000 to $60,000. It’s considered one of the best-paying jobs that don’t require a college degree. However, highly skilled welders that are eager to travel and work in more hazardous conditions can make six-figure incomes. If you’re willing to make the best of your welding career and refine your skills, you’ll earn more in the long run. It’s also easy to climb the latter in welding, especially if you can demonstrate to your team leader and ultimately your employer that you’re career-driven. 

Leaping Into Alternative Energy

Welding is also breaking into the environmentally conscious sphere. Even though the debate about alternative energy sources is ongoing, welders will always be needed to make new technology and machines a reality. 

You Can Start on Your Own!

Many welders also prefer to build their reputation locally and start their own business. You can either use it as a side gig or turn it into a full-time opportunity. You have the potential to set up a profitable company that local businesses trust for various manufacturing and construction projects. 

Bottom Line: Don’t Forget to Have Fun as a Welder!

The work itself can be enjoyable too! After transforming several pieces into an amazing project, the sensation of fulfillment is immense and serves a different purpose every time. In the end, you will know that the end product has contributed to making life easier and safer for many people. 

The welding industry is incredibly diverse. A welder can easily change industries without changing careers and, on top of that, learn innovative fabrication processes. Welders will always be needed regardless of the industry, and the key to success is repetition, patience, and attention to detail. If you have a good work ethic, you can easily get into welding for Infrastructure, military products, ship parts, energy, or any other sector you aspire to experience.

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