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Why It Is Beneficial to Send Your Employees Back To School

Companies of all sizes know how important it is to provide employees with workplace education and training. This means the difference between high turnover and strong employee loyalty. Workplace education and training can take many forms, including sending employees to attend meetings, allowing them to return to school, inviting speakers to the office for presentation, etc. Here we will discuss the benefits of education at work and training at work.

Employee Training

According to the Human Resources Professionals Association's SHRM 2016 Employee Benefit Survey, employee training and development is an increasingly popular employee benefit that has been answered by 3,490 HR professionals. According to the SHRM survey, the number of companies offering professional membership to employees has increased 23% over the past 20 years. The cost of paying an employee's dues can be offset by maintaining their skills and knowledge to understand the potential value and smartest way of the latest industry trends.

An effective online training program is best rated by employees who need training. If your current learning management system does not seem sufficient to meet your needs, try sending an online survey to all your employees. There are a few questions. Answering these questions gives them the opportunity to decide whether an individual employee needs more than what is currently available in an online training program. Meeting the needs of the training department can also address one of the biggest obstacles, budget.

Graduate Programs

On-the-scenes training enables employees to work faster, and the hiring professionals employ increasingly high-tech training that is not available at work. To go ahead, a company's Human Resources department can offer an incentive to send employees back to school. They can provide a company-funded program that provides compensation to employees seeking additional education certificates. For companies that understand the value of highly educated people, investing in employee development is a short-term expense.

Employees do best when they are enrolled in a master's program online, so they can get the education they need to advance while having the flexibility to keep working.


For instance, the Starbucks College Achievement Plan works with the University of Arizona. Benefit from this program for all employees who are full or part-time employees. They will join ASU, and Starbucks will receive a bachelor's degree in college annual tuition. Chipotle works with Guild Education and provides financial support to employees for 5,250 to 5,815 dollars. Workers in this program can attend classes at the University of Western Government, Bellevue University, and Global University Campus of Colorado.

Another example is Wegmans, which has invested heavily in its employees. It has a scholarship program and works with their employees to plan for their long-term futures. It sends employees around the world to receive the best training. It provides important training in-house before employees are asked to get to the floor and work with customers. Then it allows people to take care of their own work. Wegmans does not provide daily operation procedures or step-by-step manuals. The company is convinced that employees perform their duties this way best.

How Does Education Help?

It is useful for companies to retain their employees because it is expensive to train and new employees. Your employer is more efficient at keeping old hires, rather than hiring new people and training. If your employer pays you back to school, this deduction will cost you $5,250, which means that you pay a small tax. So the government gives your employers an education boost! You get valuable skills and training, and your employer is loyal, more skilled and tax-exempt. This is a win-win situation!

A company may even send employees to graduate school. Many companies encourage the employee's education intentions because it benefits the company.

Companies that invest in training and development often make their employees happy. However, the exercises must be employee related, from which you can learn and recover. If training and development are bothersome, employees simply have to participate, which is wasteful. As a company, you should emphasize industry-specific training and send many employees to international seminars and meetings that may be beneficial to them.

It is great for employees to return to school—not only for students but also for employees to re-learn. Training is an employer's investment. When companies offer training and education to employees, they value their people and their contributions. The organization sends a message that both the organization's success and the work of its employees assess the progress. Of course, it creates love, loyalty, and encouragement among employees.

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