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Why It's Crucial To Choose A Certified Auto Body Shop?

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There must be certain reasons why you chose to buy a specific make and model of a vehicle. The price might have been a motivator for purchasing a particular car, but the appearance and the way it drives are likely to be the main reasons. When your car gets wrecked, you would undoubtedly want your vehicle back in its original condition. That's when you take it to the auto body repair shops. And it's best to visit a certified auto body services.

In this blog, you will learn why it's crucial to choose a certified auto repair shop. All the information below can surely help you choose the right auto body shop the next time.

What Is A Certified Body Shop?

Technicians who work in the auto repair industry can earn various certifications. And vehicle makers offer their certification programs as well. A certification reflects that the technicians have trained and tested to learn a particular technology and the latest standards from this vehicle manufacturer.

A reputable body shop holds iCar Gold Class Certification, and it indicates the highest training achievement in the collision repair industry. It denotes that the auto repair shop trains its technicians each year, and they designate skilled experts in key roles of collision repair. It includes the roles of an estimator, steel structural technician, non-structural technician, and refinish technician.

Five Reasons to Choose a Certified Auto Body Repair Shop

Now that you know what certification means, below, you can read why it is essential to choose a certified body shop. These factors also tell how OEM certifications uphold superior quality repair processes.

1 The OEM Certification Programs Are Intensive

Every vehicle manufacturer offers a different range of certification programs, ranging from low difficulty to high. Companies like Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz provide on-site training to technicians. Some manufacturers require body shops to have tool inspections, company dress codes, and a decent customer service rating. So, when you avail of repair service from a certified repair shop, you can undoubtedly expect quality service. You can also rely on industry-standard certification like iCar Gold as it requires shops to complete rigorous coursework.

2 Advanced and Unique Tools

When a facility has received industry-standard certifications, it confirms that the body has all the necessary equipment to perform repairs. Further, the shop and the technicians also need to pass specific tests to use those unique and latest machineries and tools. There are different kinds of vehicles, and each of them has different jigging requirements. Especially when it comes to replacing specific parts, the tolerances have to accurate. If a shop doesn't have advanced tools, they're unlikely to bring your vehicle back to its original condition.

3 Genuine Auto Parts

When you get repairs done from certified auto body services, you can be rest assured that they will use genuine auto parts. There are two significant benefits of using original parts in your vehicle repair. The first is that genuine auto parts have a long-life, lasting long while delivering excellent service. And secondly, genuine parts also maintain the safety of your vehicle due to their superior performance. Certified auto body shops have tie-ups with genuine auto parts suppliers who can provide the required part quickly.

4 Precision Repairing

When your vehicle faces collision of any kind, you want to regain its original appearance and performance. Certified auto repair shops are highly likely to precisely diagnose the problem and deliver the exact solutions it needs. As compared to a non-certified shop, the certified one has the latest equipment and required skills to fix your car effectively. Precise repairing also means that your vehicle will be safer on the road when you pick it up. And you need not worry a doubt that something might have got missed.

5 Re-Certification Is a Must for OEM Certification

When searching for an auto body shop online, you should check the validity of their certification. You must see if their certificate is still valid. A reliable shop will stay up-to-date and apply for re-certification timely. A shop might have certification from the time they built their site. But, it doesn't imply those certifications are valid today too. It's the same thing with certifications hanging on the wall. You have to ensure that the certificates shown by the repair shop are all valid.

To Conclude


Certified auto body services refer to a repair shop where technicians have received formal training and a certificate from the vehicle's makers. The certified auto body shop assures you that the technician has up-to-date knowledge and skills to perform the necessary repairs. Thus, you can expect flawless outcomes when you take your vehicle to a certified auto body repair center.

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