Why Jokes are Important for a Happy Life? All You Need To Know About Jokes


Today, the life of every single person is very busy and they hardly find any time for the family. It makes their life boring and their hectic work schedule and bad habits of smoking and drinking make their life more stressed. Then, youth become disappointed with the relationships, adults have financial issues; they have to struggle a lot and have to take tension for the better future of their kids. All these things make their life so stressful. Here, good jokes can play their part to ease life by providing something to laugh at and enjoy the life. Jokes are just like medicine as they help to relieve tension and stress.

Here you will learn why jokes are important for a happy life. Someone said that:

The most wasted day is that in which we have not laughed.

Let’s talk about the benefits of jokes:

Health Benefits: Jokes are a great tool that has a lot of health benefits. When we laugh at an amazing joke, it improves blood circulation that in return is helpful in solving many cardiovascular problems. Jokes also help in fighting against the infection by increasing the antibodies and these infection-fighting antibodies help to improve the immune system as well. Endorphins are responsible for decreasing pain and these jokes help in increasing the endorphins which are released by the brain.

Relieve Stress: Jokes help in relieving our stress, tension, anger, and depression, and as a result jokes make us feel light, happy, and irritation-free. Good jokes help in reducing the fear and anxiety and as a result, it improves the mood by providing us a reason to laugh. Laughter then helps in improving the blood pressure and heart rate that is good for stressed people as it cools them down.


Increase Business: You don’t believe this? But it’s true. Just imagine yourself an angry customer who is stressed and not in a good mood. If the shopkeeper cracks some jokes that can relieve your stress and can make you happy, you will be friendlier with that shopkeeper or businessman. And, it is a fact that when you are happy and in a good mood, you buy more things for your need. So, if you are a businessman or a shopkeeper and you know how to crack jokes, you can make a good relation with the potential customers and can increase your sales.

Increase Friends: In this busy life which is more like a robotic life, people try to find a reason to be happy.  They want to make good friends so that they can enjoy the company. If you are good at cracking jokes and keeping the people around you happy; you can make more friends. In fact, you will be famous in your friend’s circle and they will remember you as a person who can make them feel good in stressed life.


So, these are enough benefits of jokes. As a busy person, if you read or listen to a few jokes in your daily life, it will provide you a reason to laugh that will release your tensions and relieve your stress for some time. It will improve your productivity then and you can work with more focus and dedication.

Making jokes is also a good career as most comedians write jokes to make some money. They either write books and blogs, or they perform in stand-up comedy shows and try their best to crack jokes that can help the audience to laugh. 

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