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Why Landlords and Other Occupational Experts Need Electric Certificates for Landlords

Electric certificates for landlords are one of those ‘must haves' for anyone renting in England. Unfortunately, however, they are also a far from mandatory requirement for anyone hoping to get a Gas Safe accommodation in the UK. Yet, even if you don't have a gas safety order in force, it's still sensible to make sure your property is safe for your guests. Whether its leaking oil or carbon monoxide poisoning that means your property has to be inspected for leaks and vented, a visit from an electrician shows that your landlord has taken safety seriously. A visit also shows that your landlord takes measures to make sure their property isn't a fire risk, which is always better than having to pay for extra costs to keep your home in a proper condition.

The first thing any landlord will ask for is a Gas Safe certificate

However, it's worth checking that this is actually a genuine certificate and not just a sign that some company has made it up to claim a share of the rental pot. Any Gas Safe certificates should be issued by an accredited Gas Safe company, so before you hand over any cash you should check that yours is the real deal. If you're having your gas appliances installed then it could take as long as three years for the certificate to be granted, so if you're planning on renting your flat for the next three years then getting your certificate now will save you a bundle in the long run.

Many people think that all landlords will need to do the same basic inspections of their properties, but this is simply not the case. Each property is different and the standard inspections may not be suitable for all occupancies.

For Example, You Wouldn't Want To Have Your Swimming Pool

Deemed as being classed as being dangerous, as this would be classed as an immediate fire risk and could result in your tenants moving out immediately. If you do require some standard gas safety inspections, it's worth making sure your landlord is legally obliged to perform them on your behalf.

Generally, all landlords are legally obliged to carry out the following inspections on their premises: visual - including the ability to identify any possible gas leakage ages and carbon monoxide risks, visual inspection of the ceiling and roof, electrical - checking the condition of your gas appliances and radiators, gas safety certificates and hazard awareness training. However, it's worth remembering that some factors will affect how much work these inspections will cost. For example, if you own flats, then it's likely that you'll need to have a carbon monoxide detection policy installed as a condition of your lease. If you own private hire premises such as vacation homes or offices, then you'll have to take this into account when discussing safety certificates and rates. Take care when entering into agreements with sub-contractors or building companies, as some will opt not to carry out the required inspections.

Also, Always Shop Around For the Best Deal;

Don't accept anything that's set by the first agent you meet! There are some other considerations you should make when looking for a current safety certificate for landlords and tenants. If you own a large commercial property, it's worth checking whether your landlord's policy covers the installation of new appliances, which can be very costly. Similarly, check to see what your landlord requires of its tenants, such as a current safety certificate for tenants. In some cases, your current policy may cover existing appliances - so it could be that your appliances aren't covered now and you need a new one 786electricals.

For landlords that do not already have an EICR

One way to get one is through the commercial electric installation company. Some of these companies can offer certificates for eicr installation after an inspection has been carried out on the premises. They will provide you with the details of the inspector who carried out the inspection and the certificate for landlords and tenants. The good news is that many inspectors today offer eicr certificates for landlords and tenants - so you can usually request one without delay.

When looking for a certificate, however, you should also consider the legal requirement for landlords. This is because some areas require electrical testing before new tenants are allowed to stay, while others have different laws for landlords. As it would be difficult for a new landlord to keep up with legal requirements, it might be more practical for you to arrange for the entire installation to be carried out by a qualified electrician from the outset. This would give you peace of mind and the peace of mind that comes with legally qualifying for the necessary certificates. In addition, carrying out the electrical testing yourself could save you money in the long term, so if you were planning to move out, this could be a good option as well.

You Can Find All the Information You Need To Meet

The electrical safety standards in the government guide A Practical Guide to Electric Installation and Maintenance. In addition, you should find details about landlords and tenants in the Government Direct Employers Code of Practice. Finally, if you want to make sure you don't break the law, you should take a look at the employment and contract laws in employment and contract sections in the government guide The Consumer's Guide to Official Order Paperwork. After all, you wouldn't want to hire someone without a decent enough record of electricians doing the work needed. If you're not sure whether you need these standards, then you should consider the benefits of landlords and electricians using the same standards as the law requires. If you've got the peace of mind that comes from meeting legal and safety requirements, you'll probably want to call in an electrician and get your house up and running again.

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