Why Liquid Drain Cleaners Are Not Ideal Clog Relievers?

Why Liquid Drain Cleaners Are Not Ideal Clog Relievers?

A slow or a clogged drain is a common problem that can occur anytime. Calling for a plumber might not be your immediate decision; so what do you do? You try using a commercial liquid drain cleaner to see if it works out by chance and negates the chance of calling a plumber. Although such drain cleaners are cheap and require minimum effort, it is a strict no-no if you want your drain to run smoothly without further troubles.

Here are the reasons why such drain cleaners must not be used & the suitable alternatives for drain clogs or slow drains:

1. Action on the pipes- If you have drains that have been blocked due to biodegradable wastes like hair, food and grease, using drain cleaning chemicals might be of some help. But if you have completely blocked drains, using these chemicals will do you more harm than good; since your drain is completely blocked, these drain relievers will be ineffective in removing the blocks. Instead they will settle on the pipes, gradually corroding it. Moreover, these chemical cleaners will cause additional damages and leave you ultimately with a perilous clog. Besides, if you have old partially corroded and PVC pipes, avoid using such drain cleaners as they can soften the PVC pipes and destroy the partially corroded pipes. Consulting with the local plumber in Mandurah is the best thing you can do to relieve the drain clogs.

2. Health hazards- Did you know? Chemical drain cleaners are the most harmful products that you will come across in any store. They are harmful enough to cause burns on your skin as well as irritate your throat and eyes if you inhale the smell. Drain clog relievers not only harm us physically but also the environment; they severely pollute the waterways and causes health hazards to the aquatic ecosystem. Pouring drain cleaning chemicals mean we are allowing caustic soda(sodium hydroxide) or sulphuric acid to go down the drain which can corrode the pipes instantly.

3. The first step towards solving the problem- Whenever your drain gets clogged, pouring down clog relievers is definitely an unacceptable idea. Then what is the first step you should do? Investigate the primary cause of the clog in your drain with a CCTV drain camera inspection. This can only be done by your trusted plumbing company in Mandurah who will reveal the real cause and repair accordingly. A preliminary inspection will help the plumber to understand what needs to be done first with your blocked drain and solve the problem as fast as possible.

4. Use plunger or plumbing snake- This method is effective only if your drain is blocked with hair or other organic wastes. A plunger will efficiently relieve the minor clogs in the drain but if the problem is grave, like tree roots growing in the sewer line, hiring plumbing services in Mandurah is the first step that you should do.

Conclusion- Hiring a plumber to treat your drain clog is a wise decision than using chemical drain cleaners. The former one will inspect the causes, effects and repair as much as needed, preventing unnecessary expenditure while the latter will harm you and the environment and also cause further damages.