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Why Machine Learning Matters: Looking Toward the Future of Business

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Machine learning (ML) is a type of process by which computers develop the ability to learn without being specifically programmed. This advancement is exciting because as models receive new data, they can adapt; they learn from prior calculations to produce reliable results. While machine learning generally is not new, the ability to apply it to big data, and do so quickly and repeatedly, is new. This advancement has the potential to affect the future of business in many ways.

Higher-Quality Apps

Applications will become more sophisticated in the future with the aid of cognitive services that integrate machine learning. ML will help apps become even more responsive than they are already.

You can start to use machine learning algorithms in a Master of Science in Applied Data Analytics program and graduate with skills and knowledge that make you an asset to many organizations. The advanced technology, including ML in cognitive services in apps, will continue to expand, providing useful features such as speech detection and visual recognition.

Better Unsupervised Algorithms

In many different industries, unsupervised ML algorithms can analyze the results of datasets and make predictions based on them. These unsupervised algorithms use artificial intelligence (AI).

When left alone, they identify particular patterns or groups within a dataset that supervised algorithms have not been able to find. As the language gets better over time, these unsupervised algorithms are sure to get better and create better analyses. There is great value for businesses to gain from big data.

More Personalized

Machine learning is likely to get better at personalization in the near future. The personalization algorithms can offer customers product recommendations that fit their tastes.

This type of ML algorithm reads consumer behaviors and draws conclusions based on that about their interests. Companies can use this information to understand a person’s browsing activity within an online shop, for example.

This business can then send personalized emails to those people. Better understanding consumer behavior can help companies to deliver products and services that satisfies their target audience.

Creating Better Machine Learning Systems

ML makes it possible to quickly and automatically analyze big and complex datasets and provide accurate results. For a business, being able to identify areas to improve profit are priceless.

Of course, the machine learning systems must be created well to begin with. They must be scalable, for example. They also involve both basic and more sophisticated algorithms.

They will continue to be important to a range of businesses who want to be able to make accurate decisions without human intervention. From health care to financial services and sales, many industries are using machine learning technology already.

Creating Better Machine Learning Systems

ML applications will continue to increase in the coming years in the ways described above. Data analysts can look forward to pairing the best algorithms with the appropriate processes and tools. Creating models that run quickly and analyzing the results as part of a team is exciting work.

Technology is truly redefining the world as we know it. 

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