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Why Managing the Fleets Through Software is Beneficial


Field service management software, designed specifically to manage your field services are available from proven and reliable services. The best thing about this software is that you can access this program from any computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet, seamlessly. Also, you are spared the hassle of having to purchase expensive and complicated software or hardware. The management software provides integrated fleet management technologies that consist of GPS plus messaging and other features, which make the drivers more efficient. When the drivers are able to complete more service calls per day with the vehicle, it reduces the fuel cost and improves customer satisfaction.

Tighter control of overall costs is possible with the vehicle management software. The transport companies can save at least one hour per driver per day. The advanced navigation tools, automated turn by turn routing helps the driver to take the vehicles to the right place at the right time. Even if the driver is new in the area or there is no street address given, the vehicle arrives on time. Problems arise when drivers lose their way; they waste time as well as expensive fuel in this process. Customers get frustrated and the dispatchers put others on hold to give directions to the driver. As a result, time, money and customer goodwill is lost in this whole confusion. Due to this field service management software is installed in every firm so that the tracker can communicate with the driver and can schedule the delivery according to customer and time.

Drivers get verbal instructions which are simple to understand and it automatically notifies the dispatcher about the safe arrival of the vehicle. With this proper monitoring system, the chances of vehicle misuse, unauthorized usage, and fuel waste are eliminated. Many users have reported 15% savings on fuel cost after installing this software. The integrated features of this system give the customers accurate time of arrival, status and give the vehicle's location in real time. Customers find this very convenient as they know exactly when the vehicle is arriving and by keeping they informed the company gains appreciation, which puts them a rung above their competitors.

The software produces many standardized reports that can be programmed to produce customized reports as well. These reports can be sorted by vehicle, fleet, and driver. Driver and vehicle performance can be measured, and this information helps develop compensation plans, customer costs, efficient dispatch, and operational efficiency.

Onboard vehicle GPS systems also provide drivers with some useful services, from satellite navigation, driver security to the service location, therefore making delivery tasks simpler. The ability to co-ordinate delivery timetables more effective and keeping track of the driver's location and mileage while they are on the road makes the running and organizing of a company that is reliant on vehicles more efficient. A vehicle GPS tracking device is useful for security; Vehicles can be easily traced if they are stolen and a GPS tracking device is fitted to the vehicle it can also act as an effective anti-theft device and alarm. Any movement or unauthorized access to the vehicle can trigger an alarm and inform the owner of the attempted theft.

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