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Why Marketing Strategies Need to Address Digital Security Concerns

An effective marketing and promotional campaign is an essential tool, one that no business can afford to be without. When crafting and implementing an advertising strategy, businesses would do well to ensure that digital security concerns do not go overlooked. The true consequences of a breach or cybercrime are often far more severe than many organizations realize and the ways in which marketing efforts and promotional tactics may increase risk or further compound the harm done by a past breach are not something to be taken lightly. When managing or implementing a marketing campaign, businesses would do well to consider the potential for a data breach or the risks associated with a cyberattack.

Understanding the True Cost of a Data Breach

There is no such thing as a minor data breach. Even a seemingly failed attack during which no sensitive information or valuable data is deemed to have been compromised can do lasting harm to a businesses brand. Making digital security a top priority and remaining vigilant in the face of both existing and emerging threats can be of the utmost importance when it comes to preserving a business's reputation and protecting their customer relations.

Becoming a Target

The most effective way to prevent a cybercrime is to avoid being a target entirely. While marketing efforts seek to enhance the presence and raise the profile of a business, a higher profile often brings with it an increased risk of an attack. Businesses would do well to ramp up their security efforts prior to the launch of a new marketing campaign. Organizations that allow their online presence to outpace their digital security efforts could be making a very costly mistake.

Promotional Efforts Associated With Increased Risk

While a higher profile can increase the risk of becoming a target, not every marketing tactic may have the same impact. Conventional promotional efforts that utilize print media or broadcasting services may be unlikely to be a factor while overlooking the potential social media security risks that promoting a business through certain sites and services may entail can be disastrous. Marketing efforts that may create potential vulnerabilities within a business's online, network or digital security can be a real liability, one that organizations would do well to address without delay.

Image, Brand and Reputation

Even the best security efforts aren't always sufficient. Businesses who have experienced a breach in the past would do well to ensure that their marketing campaign can be used to help minimize the damage. Past victims of a data breach or a successful attack are often seen as being more likely to succumb to a future cyberthreat, especially organizations that fail to provide their customer base with the reassurances they need in order to feel safe. Promotional strategies that emphasize the additional security resources and efforts that a businesses has acquired following a breach can go a long way towards rehabilitating their brand and restoring their reputation.

Customer Relationships

Customer relations are essential to the long-term success of a business. Businesses that have been hacked can place their clientele at greater risk of identity theft, having their financial accounts compromised or being the victim of other forms of cybercrime. Even the most effective marketing campaign may do little to influence either the existing or prospective customers who have lost trust in a business's ability to keep their data safe.

Building a Better Marketing Strategy

There are many components that are required in order for a promotional campaign to produce results. While different tools and resources may be utilized depending on the nature of an advertising strategy, the most effective campaigns are often those that change and evolve over time. Fine-tuning a campaign helps to ensure that it continues to perform in the days ahead. When it comes to managing an ongoing campaign, businesses would be wise to address both current and emerging security threats in order to protect both themselves and their customer base.

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