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Why MBBS abroad is a Suitable Option for an MBBS Student?

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Studying MBBS abroad has become a preferred choice for numerous medical aspirants and the reasons are justified enough. By studying abroad, say in Russia, Philippines or Australia, you are guaranteed a more flourishing future with lucrative career opportunities. To say the truth, employers will give more importance to a candidate who has done his/her MBBS in Russia than a candidate having an MBBS degree from India. Moreover, today the majority of the renowned doctors have an MBBS degree from a foreign university. From a medical student’s perspective, studying MBBS abroad is completely a different experience; he/she will be granted those benefits that are not given in his/her own country.

Let us look at the reasons why you should pursue MBBS abroad:

1. Absence of donation fee- By deciding to study MBBS in Australia, you will need to pay only the admission fee and no extra charges. Nobody will compel you to pay any extra charge other than your MBBS fee in Australia unlike in India where some private medical institutes believe in donation more than in the merit of the student. Hence MBBS becomes a costly affair for most of the students.

2. No admission test- For most of the abroad universities, appearing for any sort of admission test is not required. For instance: to study MBBS in Philippines, there are no criteria that states qualify admission test is compulsory; if you have the required percentage in your class 12 Physics, Chemistry and Biology, proficient in English and 18 or more years of age, you are eligible to apply.

3. Budget-friendly cost of living- Finding a suitable place of accommodation is vital for anyone travelling abroad to study MBBS. You can find a great number of pocket-friendly accommodation if you go to study MBBS in Canada. There are hostels, guest houses and paying guest facility in the university campus also. Besides, the cost of living is also affordable in other abroad locations like Philippines, China, Bangladesh and others.

4. World class infrastructure- MBBS abroad is most popular because of its world-class infrastructure and quality of education. By studying MBBS in Canada, you will be provided with the benefits of studying under the best professors, teachers and doctors. The topics taught in the classes are also new and interesting; the laboratories are equipped with all medical instruments and aids to help you master your practical side.

5. International exposure- One thing that is of great necessity when preparing to become a doctor is practical training. You cannot be a successful doctor unless you practice. MBBS abroad values this criterion and considers this crucial. Hence, in most of the abroad countries, the last year is devoted to only practical training and internships in clinics and hospitals.

Conclusion- Everyone wants to have the best in their career, whether you are a doctor, engineer or teacher. Studying MBBS abroad is surely your call that will lead to a better future comprising lucrative salary, reputation and fame. But applying for MBBS in a foreign country requires the help of a professional. All you need to do is contact any leading study abroad consultant in India to help you out in preparing all the documents, submitting your application and finally get admitted!

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