Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Why Merbau Is The Most Popular And Preferred Choice When It Comes To Hardwoods?

Did you know which is the most popular hardwood in Australia? Merbau is one of the most popular hardwoods in Australia. Merbau is used in Australia for decades for applications where resistance to insect and decay is important.

Merbau, also known as Insia Bijuga, is mostly used for the decking application. Decking can give our exterior an exquisite look. It can be one of the greatest additions to our homes.

Merbau decking is a beautiful investment made not only for hours but for. There are many types of wood available with its own advantages and disadvantages which are used for the decking. However, Merbau is the most popular hardwood for decking applications.

Why Merbau for decking?

Merbau is a popular hardwood timber found in Southeast Asia and Pacific Ocean Island. Merbau is very popular due to its durability. It can last up to 50 years. It has become a preferred choice for appealing aesthetics, durability, and functionality. Merbau is a choice for homeowners, builders, and designers. It perfectly fits every home and every space and gives it a sophisticated feel.

Merbau is mostly used for the exterior part of a home because they endure the dry air and humid atmosphere.

There are many other reasons that contribute to the popularity of the Merbau, they are:

– Merbau has a naturally oily feature that makes lustre to last long along and give captivating look.

– Merbau can be molded into any shape and design. It is easy to cut the Merbau in attractive shapes, which make an engineer’s work easy. We have the freedom to give it the shape we love.

– It gives us a range of color options to choose from. Its color ranges from the shade of yellow to brown.

– Merbau can be molded into any shape, which gives us the freedom to design any shape.

– Merbau wood is high weathering and it termite and fungi resistant making it highly durable. 

– Merbau is that perfect wood takes perfectly to finishing, we can paint it, stain it, and also polish it.

– It is easy to clean and maintain Merbau. I follow instructions that have been provided for decking, it will ensure that its beauty will last longer.

One of the best things about Merbau is that it is reasonably priced. Also, it is perfect for a range of uses. It will perfectly suit all the requirements of the project. Uptons knows ins of the Merbau decking and gives the expert craftsmanship when it comes to Merbau decking in Melbourne. Merbau is surely a worthy investment, not only in terms of the bank but also in terms of outstanding results.

If you are looking to install high decks in Melbourne to match it with the luxury lifestyle or durability, lend with Upton’s Merbau. They source the best quality Uptons for us. Uptons have a great experience in serving people with the top-quality Merbau. No matter for what purpose or application we are looking for Merbau, Upton’s Merbau will best fit all the project. Merbau is environment friendly as well. It is the best option with natural durability and beautiful appearance.

Whether you are looking for marine plywood in Melbourne, sliding aluminum & windows, sheeting, pine decking, composite decking, or any building material, Upton is the destination. These are a few of the stock that Upton’s offer.

Want to know more about Merbau decking? 0r Upton’s quality service? Visit Uptons. They have stock suitable for both professionalisms as well as day to day DIY projects.

Uptons is the quality we can trust.

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