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Why Microscope is a necessary instrument?

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Microscope is used to see the small things in bigger form and also see the internal structure of the objects.

If it is said that the microscope has a major role in the vast knowledge of science then it will not be a  lie. The microscope has a major role the exploring the uncovered information of science.

At first, a spectacle was invented in about the 14th century and then in 1590, the first microscope was made by the two Dutch scientists who made the spectacle with a father-son team. Their names were Hans and Zacharias Janssen.


In 1667, Robert hook published “Micrographia” in which his studies showed that he used the microscope for the analysis. Keep in mind, the microscope of that time was used just for magnification only.

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After that, a scientist named “Joseph Jackson Lister” gave a theory about clear magnification that if we use weak lenses at specific distances it will give fine magnification. This theory came in 1830 but in 1878 Ernst Abbe published the theory of light wavelength resolution.

1903 was the era when an ultramicroscope was used for the observation of different specimens under the light wavelength. Complete study of a specimen was done for the first time in 1932 by using the phase-contrast microscope. Transparent biological materials were used at that time and this microscope was invented by Frist Xernike.

There was a scientist Ernst Ruska, who perceived that resolution can be enhanced by using electrons in the microscope.  On this principle, he invented the electron microscope 6 years after (1938) Frist Xernike’s discovery.

In 1981, Gerd binning and Heinrich Rohrer designed a scanning tunneling microscope. This microscope could be used for 3-D images of a specimen.

History shows that the first-ever microscope was developed by Antonie van Leeuwenhoek that’s why he called the father of microscopy. He designed a simple microscope to examine the specimens. He worked on different lenses to enhance the resolution of the microscope. He was the first scientist who discovered the bacteria.

Importance of Microscope

Microscope made the scientist and students habitual of its use. Now, scientists and students cannot do a deep study of any organism without a microscope. To know the external and internal structure and function of any object (living or non-living), the microscope is very necessary. If you don’t know the internal function and structure of any object, you can’t make any innovation related to that object. 

Without a microscope, the study of the cell was not possible for the scientist. Now a day, if you see a vast discovery in science, it is just possible with the microscope. 

Today everyone knows about microorganisms, their structures, and functions, it was not possible without a microscope.

The microscope has a major role in disease diagnosis and treatment. Different microscopes are used for this purpose.

If a patient is feeling fever for a week, the doctor asks him for a blood test. He submits his blood in the laboratory there lab workers find the disease although this illness is due to malaria, typhoid, or another one. Lab workers use a microscope for the blood test, microscope magnifies the blood sample and makes the report accordingly. If red blood cells are attacked by the parasites, its means that the patient has malaria.

The above example is just one example of microscope use. There are a lot of uses of the microscope is not only in health centers and laboratories but it has a large use in any science laboratory.

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