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Why Miele Vacuum Cleaners Are Some Of The Best On The Market

Miele vacuum cleaners have been proven to be some of the best vacuums in the entire world rather it is for home use or office use; it can do well for low traffic hoes and high-traffic areas and guarantees to get the area as clean as possible.

What sets it apart

The Vacuum has several different upright and canister models that have plenty of features, specialized tools, and attachments to clean your space completely. It also has an incredibly powerful motor which is what makes it stand out as one of the best vacuums in the world for cleaning up dirt, lint, dust, and allergens that accumulates due to regular traffic in the area.

Miele Dynamic U1 PowerLine Upright

Why Pet Owners Love this vacuum

People who have one or more pets in their homes, or even on their office space, will naturally accumulate extra dirt, dander, pet hair, and debris that they carry in. They prefer the Miele Blizzard CX1 Cat and Dog Canister Bagless model and the Miele Dynamic U1 Powerline Upright model because they have a superior cleaning ability and attachments that better suck up the pet hair and the extra dirt that pets track in. A Miele vacuum cleaner will get all that pet dander and hair out of every nook and cranny in your house.

Choose between an upright or canister model

Both an upright and canister Miele vacuum cleaner comes with several attachments that can clean every inch of your home and office. Although upright vacuum cleaners like the Miele Blizzard are typically a favorite especially in the home, canister vacuums are not far behind in popularity. Here are the pros and cons to consider for each

  • easy to use, maintain, and store
  • smaller in size
  • wider cleaning area
  • lightweight and can be used without bending
  • less expensive option
  • CON: noisier than the canister models


  • can get far under furniture and tight places
  • only have to move the hose around not the whole machine
  • quieter than uprights and powerful suction
  • CONS: heavier weight, more storage space needed, more expensive

Why it is a step above the rest

Other vacuum brands advertise how well they pick up dirt, which is important of course, and Miele has the power to get a lot of dirt up, but they also ensure that the air that goes back out of the vacuum is completely clean and free of dirt and allergens. Their advanced filtration system gives you not only the cleanest floors and furniture possible but cleaner air to make you and your household healthier overall.

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