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Why More Retail Businesses Are Choosing Slatwall Shelving

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Slatwall displays have become the most preferred merchandise display system today and are the go-to solution for retailers when it comes to the choice of the perfect display foundations. Tried and tested by hundreds of businesses, retail stores, supermarkets, offices, homes, and shop owners, Slatwall shelving has proven its efficacy as the ultimate multipurpose display tool. 

Reasons to go with Slatwall shelving

Wondering what makes Slatwall panels, gondola shelving, the new favourite for retailers and brick and mortar shop owners worldwide? 

These shelves and panels are sturdy, multipurpose, flexible, user-friendly, and affordable. Not to mention they are super easy to install and remove. It is a highly versatile setup and increasingly seen as a profitable investment by retailers and shop owners of all sizes. With these shelves, businesses may make the maximum use of empty spaces and walls. This not only adds to the overall retail and display space but also allows them to replace empty walls with attractive display spaces.

Slatwall systems like shelvings will make a marked improvement in impulsive buying and aid product marketing, especially for smaller retail outlets. Happy users and retail business owners have admitted that the shelves, gondolas, and other Slatwall display accessories have improved their sales effectively. One of the reasons behind its huge popularity is that they help retailers boost sales.

Easy to install, high-quality Slatwall shelves are durable, long-lasting, and damage resistant. They offer just the right balance between product marketing and merchandise organisation.

Similar products

Slatwall Shelving can come with the option of metal, glass, or MDF shelves. Once slotted into grooves on panels, these shelves become an eye-catching showcase space that adds to the attraction and aesthetics of merchandise and the store.

Various types of product display systems and accessories and come in variable and customised sizes, colors, and styles. Here are some Slatwall products and accessories:

  • Panels - Wall-mounted panel boards can be used for display or hold Slatwall accessories in place and are widely used in malls, retail store chains, and supermarkets globally.
  • Accessories like hooks, baskets, holders, etc.
  • Gondola stands – A mobile Slatwall column with two or more sides covered with an MDF  board. It adds to the display capacity of the store, and a gondola system allows flexible arrangements of shop layouts.
  • Wall-mounted displays – Helpful in increasing retail space and improving store interiors. These display units are quite strong and are useful for heavy products 

The ideal retail display setup

Slatwall shelves are easy to maintain, affordable and enhances the organisational capabilities of the stores. Considered as one of the most ideal display setups, these shelves offer a superior merchandise display opportunity. As businesses start opening all over the world, shop windows and curbside spaces are becoming hugely popular means of display and marketing. These shelves, panels, and accessories help retailers organise products efficiently while adding extra retail space in the same outlet. Slatwall-based display units are durable, attractive, highly practical, and affordable. It is a great long-time investment in space optimisation and increasing in-store sales.

What makes it so popular?

These shelving are far more than just a display fixture. It enhances the merchandise organisation's potential and optimises customer experience in terms of easy-to-reach displays and attractive product showcases. Retailers have successfully optimised, restructured, and enhanced display quality and capacity with the use of these superior quality shelving and panels. Different styles and types of shelves are available for different types of products.

Small improvements in merchandise display and product organisation can add to customers' in-store shopping experience and allows for a more relaxed and better shopping experience. A small investment in Slatwall shelves, fittings, and accessories have fast become retailers first choice due to some fundamental benefits like – 

  • Space optimisation - Cuts down on empty and useless wall space. Increases the overall retail space of the store.
  • Easy to Install - DIY setups for panels, shelves, and gondolas makes installation easier than ever before.
  • Boosts Product marketing - This shelving makes an attractive display and improves product visibility in the store.
  • Versatility - Slatwall products and shelves work well with any type of product like electronics, hardware tools, clothes, jewelry, books, etc. Also, they come in a variety of shapes, designs, sizes, and styles. Some common base materials are MDF, steel, glass, and wood.
  • Increased revenue - These shelves and accessories allow better square footage sales, and so it impacts revenue positively.
  • Affordability and Low maintenance - Slatwall shelves are relatively cheaper and cost-effective. As compared to more complex and rigid display options or store interior setups, Slatwall shelving is more flexible, more damage resistant, and demands minimum maintenance.
  • Improves organisation - Slatwall fittings, shelving, panels, and other accessories are effective in giving your retail store an organised and clean look. This boosts product visibility and supports impulse buying, in-queue purchases, and window shopping. Not to mention that it makes products easily approachable by customers and thereby enhances sales asper user experiences.

Using Slatwall displays to boost sales and optimise retail space

Trigger impulse shopping

A well-placed and strategically organised product display can enhance in-store sales to a great degree. Slatwall shelving allows business owners to capitalise on the customers' impulsiveness and captivate their attention through well-placed merchandise and an efficient display setup. After all, improving customer experience is a good way to ensure increased sales. A well-placed product display such as in the shop windows or beside the billing counters and queuing areas can entice customers to stay a little longer in your store than they intend to.

Slatwall shelving as a marketing tool

Available in various styles like flat shelving, sloping, or tray-shaped shelving, This shelving is an excellent way to display important marketing materials such as pamphlets, brochures, and magazines.  Well-placed shelving will help boost sales and product visibility but also enable retailers and businesses to display even more products in the same space as before.

Visual merchandising

The optimum utilisation of available retail space in a store is important for all businesses in general. Slatwall shelving offers a solution to utilise un-utilised space and transform useless store areas such as walls and partitions into valuable merchandise display space. It has helped many stores and retail outlets word wide to boost product visibility and product variety in the display. This is a form of visual merchandising that promotes impulse buying and improves customer shopping experience by giving them more choices.

In-queue merchandising 

Slatwall panels and shelving improve in-queue shopping and customer satisfaction. By keeping the customers engaged through merchandise displays in the queuing area, stores can benefit from a better customer experience and a high last-minute purchase by customers standing in the billing area. A win-win situation for the business and the customers.

If you own a retail business and are seriously considering a display upgrade in your store, then Slatwall display foundations, panels, accessories, shelving, and fittings are worth considering. Choose the correct style, size, and capacity for your store and display setup. Remodel your store to avail maximum sales and optimise the potential of your retail space.

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