Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Why Oak Flooring Is The Best

It’s no secret that solid oak flooring is a beautiful addition to your home and you can’t get any more elegant and classical than it’s stunning premise. Where other types of flooring offer lots of practicality and not last as long, oak floors are guaranteed to retain their stunning looks for generations and cash often outlive the person who laid them.

There are plenty of reasons why oak flooring are so popular with homeowners. Not only does it have natural beauty, but amazing unmatchable practicality. This means you’ll never have to choose between practicality and looks, with oak flooring you get both. Whether you’re looking for something that will cope with lots of footfall, or something that will add a luxurious premise to your home, there’s an option for everyone and will suit everyone’s styles and preferences. So, let’s have a look at why it was so good…

Hard wearing

One of the main things we look for when searching for a new flooring. We need to know whether it’s going to stand up to the trials and test of time and wear. Oak is famous for its outstanding durability, with an impressive life span of 25 plus years, if cared for properly. This is only an average, and you’re not going to have to throw it away, it just means that it might start to show wear such as scratches and the general wear and tear of everyday life. Despite this however, there is a way you can make your solid oak flooring last even longer. You can remove any stains and scratches by sanding it down and refinish it to remove any damage. The best part is this can be done more than once, so this along with its already incredible longevity makes solid oak flooring incredibly durable!


There’s nothing more stylish than solid oak flooring and most people would certainly agree with this. Your home is your castle, and as much as we need a practical and durable flooring, we need to prioritise looks too. The good news is that solid oak flooring is at the height of fashion, and will certainty wow your guests when they visit your home. Whether you’re into a fresh contemporary interior or classical look, then there’s something for everyone’s preferences and tastes. Herringbone is bang on trend at the moment, adding real depth and luxury to your home, with an abundance of finishes and patterns to choose from, you’re really spoilt for choice!


With many of us getting more and more concerned with our carbon footprint, this then makes us question all our purchasing choices including our flooring. Not only is oak durable and beautiful, but also very eco-friendly. Wood is natural and renewable of course, so while there are being trees that are being chopped down a lot of care is taken to make sure that they are replanted. Most manufactures are careful to disclose these details, so you can check carefully how eco-friendly your choice is before you buy.

Syandita Malakar
Syandita Malakar
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