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Why Onboarding is Critical for Employee Retention


Hiring is tough. Finding an employee whose skill sets not only exceed the job description but also with a personality that fits with your company culture sometimes feels like a one in a million draw. So when you find that crackerjack employee—or maybe even a handful of them!—your heart sinks when you find out that they’ve just turned in their two weeks notice.

They’re the most productive person on your staff, and offering them a promotion didn’t make them stay. What went wrong?


First Impressions Make All the Difference

Have you ever been on a date where you just clicked with the person across the table from you? Your personalities mesh, you have the same sense of humor, and they look and smell incredible. More than likely you went on a second date with that person. If the second date went well, it’s very possible that this experience blossomed into a long-term relationship.

Your first impression of your partner played a huge role in how the rest of your relationship played out. Whether that relationship it still going or has ended, often times the expectations formed for that relationship were created in that series of first meetings.

The same is true for the business world. This is why employers take employees through two or three interviews before hiring. However, when the interview is over, employees are still interviewing their employers. This extended interview is called the onboarding process.

The onboarding process is when an employee decides whether or not they are going to stay with the company for the long-haul. 69% of employees have been found more likely to remain with a business for three years if that company employed stellar onboarding.

If an employee had an engaging and positive onboarding experience, chances are significantly higher that they are going to stay with you for the long term. If you are consistently losing employees, take a look at your on boarding strategies and perhaps make some tweaks.


VR Training

Using an onboarding guide will help you create an interactive onboarding experience. They have various methods of creating the interactive experience which allows you to customize your approach for your company. However, one of 2019’s premier ways of creating a memorable onboarding experience is through virtual reality. Employees who undergo training through a virtual reality system experience an immersion style education that mimics the way we absorb the world around us. This results in significantly higher retention of information because we are able to see, hear and use our bodies to put this new information into practice.

For example, employees learning how to operate new technologies can physically operate the technology in a simulation while having affirmations and new information pop up on the screen so they can make on-the-spot decisions and changes. This is excellent for troubleshooting, customer service and for operators of heavy machinery. Not only does this allow employees to problem solve on-the-spot but it also creates an ideal learning environment because there are no physical consequences if mistakes are made.


Teach them their Standards

By using interactive training methods, employers teach their employees standards for work.

Standards for work go far beyond codes of conduct and quotas needing to be met. Standards of work have everything to do with the mission of your company.

You want employees who are innovators; employees who want to see your work and grow.

Employees that consistently meet quotas are good. Employees who develop strategies to push themselves and increase quotas are better. These are your employees that become leaders. Creating leadership incentives within your company is an excellent way to teach your employees the importance of iron sharpening iron. You want to create a team that builds each other up and works together to optimize processes. This starts in a sharp onboarding process.



At the end of the day, the first impression of your company is what is going to keep your employees in the door. By challenging your employees to grow and sharpen each other‘s skills, not only will your work environment become more fun and challenging, but your employees will feel accomplished because they are making a difference for your company.

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