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Ever wondered why there is an influx in the number of review sites?

One of the reasons why review sites are steadily increasing is because there is a demand for the service.

Currently, most businesses are going online to sell products and advertise their services. Considering that online reviews have an undeniably huge impact on e-commerce, a buyer will most likely seek the opinion of these reviews to make a purchasing decision. Also, in a world where many businesses operate online and a customer cannot see or touch these products before buying, online reviews allow a potential client to know more about the company’s customer experience.

Positive versus Negative Online Reviews

Every business owner hopes for positive reviews from clients. However, since customer expectations differ, it is not uncommon to see even the best service providers getting a few negative reviews.

Entrepreneurs need to keep tabs on online reviews. Also, the way businesses handle negative reviews can make or break the company. Considering that companies have other sensitive business processes, it can be hard to monitor online reviews. As such, entrepreneurs use reputation management software to track online reviews in real-time. The software allows businesses to get notifications as soon as reviews are posted, allowing them to respond accordingly.

The ideal action is to thank clients for positive reviews. As for negative reviews, reputation management software allows the company to swiftly attend to the grievances of the customer, offering the help they need. Since notifications come in real-time, the business can handle the situation fast, making the disgruntled client feel valued and appreciated. In turn, they are more likely to become repeat customers.

Reasons why your business needs online reviews

Now that we understand the impact of online reviews on potential clients, here are the reasons why your business needs them.

Let us delve into specifics.

  • They drive purchases

As we stated earlier, online reviews have a huge impact on the purchasing decision of clients. Research has shown that 94% of online consumers read reviews on various online platforms as well as review sites before making a purchase.

When a business garners positive reviews, it shows that it is a credible and trustworthy brand. Even when an online consumer has no idea about the quality of products they want to buy, online reviews are a great pointer to the best service provider. By going through these reviews, you can get to know the quality of service or products provided, allowing you to make a purchasing decision.

  • They boost online visibility

Google’s algorithm is always looking for ways to offer online consumers the best shopping experience. Once a web visitor initiates a search query on a particular item they need to buy, Google and other search engines look at many things, including online reviews, to provide the best search results.

According to search engines, online reviews are proof that the business exists. As such, these search engines will always rank high businesses with customer reviews, as opposed to those that do not. So, the more reviews your company has, the more visible you are to potential clients.

  • They offer a platform where you can engage with clients

When a customer writes a review, whether positive or negative, they expect the company to respond. Google and other online platforms will review companies by how fast they respond to customer comments, queries, or suggestions.

Since some companies might not have the contacts of disgruntled customers, online review platforms allow them to engage with the clients in meaningful conversations. That way, they are better able to handle any issues that may otherwise jeopardize the credibility of their brand.


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