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Why Our Tanks Stand The Test of Time

Water is a basic need – you need it for drinking, maintaining overall hygiene, growing plants, etc. While most homes and business premises are connected to piped water, this is not 100% reliable. Sometimes, there could be maintenance, or the pipeline could be faulty, meaning you lack this vital resource. This is the primary reason why people invest in water tanks.

When you have water tanks, you can harvest rainwater. Besides providing you with an alternative when piped water is unavailable, these structures can help you save money. 

However, tanks are expensive. You need to research extensively to ensure that you purchase a tank that can serve you for at least 20 years.

The primary reason why our tanks last long is because of the material used in their construction. Here are the materials we use:


Plastic water takes are constructed using rotational moulding. This means that the maximum capacity of the tank depends on the extensiveness of the mould. Most manufacturers don’t make tanks that have a capacity higher than 50,000 litres.  

Despite their limited capacity, plastic tanks last long because polyethylene doesn’t rust. They are also lightweight than other materials, like steel and aluminium.

On the downside, plastic is vulnerable to harsh weather. When exposed to sunlight for long, it might crack. 


In the past, concrete tanks were popular in many homes. They are durable and can serve you for years if you take proper care of them. However, they are being phased out in favour of modern materials like fiberglass and plastic. 

If you are sensitive to alkaline water, it would be best if you avoid installing concrete tanks. When using this material for building your in-ground water tanks, it can crack and impart lime, which increases the pH of your water. 


Fiberglass tanks are a popular choice among chemical and food processing industries because they are resistant to corrosion. Moreover, these tanks have food-grade coating on their interior to prevent foodstuff from going stale. 

Moreover, fiberglass is stiff and rigid. While this quality prolongs their life, it makes them susceptible to high water pressure. It also makes them more likely to crack and leak.

Stainless Steel 

Stainless steel is among the most durable and robust materials we use to construct our water tanks. Unlike standard steel, it is immune to rusting and corrosion. This explains why these tanks are more expensive than their regular counterparts. Notably, they vary in quality, thickness (called gauge) and require a seam to join the individual sheets. 

A major problem with steel tanks is that the joining screws and rivets are usually affected by rust. This occurs when iron deposits fall on the joints. 

Other than using quality and array of materials, our tanks last long because we visit the proposed site, assess your needs and make the right recommendation.

The reason why we go to this extent is to ensure we have a clear on-ground perspective and determine the material and size that suits you best. During this assessment, our team will give you an in-depth breakdown of the project, including its price and how the tank will fit onto your property. Then, the plan will be submitted to the local authorities for approval. Construction only begins after both you and the local council issue a go-ahead. Notably, this entire process is free.

Another method we use to prolong your tanks’ life is by installing council-approved drainage systems. Too much rainwater can cause severe damage to your tank. Even worse, it often carries contaminants like leaves, twigs and other debris.  For this reason, we emphasise having a functional drainage system to keep the water clean and make your tank last longer. 

Also, underground water storage has to be robust to support the ground above and lightweight enough to avoid the tank below it.  This is why our tanks have reinforced lids that are light but can support huge loads of up to 1,500 tonnes. For added safety, we use stainless steel bolts that are easy to open. 


Water tanks are a significant investment that can last for decades if you choose asuitable material and maintain them properly. Make sure that you consult a pro so that they can help you make the right choice. 

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