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It is observed that many students have different native languages but they have to learn English language to stay in the country where it is frequently used. The differentiated instruction does not link with the difference in patterns applied for every student, rather it is the collective approach taken to teach the content to give a relive to attain the learning styles according to the individual pace of students.

For a better understanding of the strategy which is practising currently, find the top most featured techniques below having great importance.


1- Help to achieve goals:

       Students are facing issues because of the less vocabulary in a particular language.

       Try to include academic writings and assignments to give them a chance so that they can make the most of it.

       It is significant to know the preferences and provide examples to boost their motivation.


2- Visual content is crucial: 

       Learning requires step by step guidance to increase the understanding and ability to apply the skills.

       Anyone who is conducting class must be good with gestures because a student who is attending a class as an English learner will grasp a lot of things just by focusing on it.

       The teaching method makes a better chance for them as they already have problems and going slow with the lectures can help a lot.


3- Arrange simple but vocabulary rich material: 

       Start with the less complex language vocabs to give them time by learning them easily instead of being panicking over the difficult task.

       After having the desired result from them, design modified work to get along with targets.

       It is important to keep the content material the same for everyone for maintaining uniformity among them and build confidence that no one is superior to anyone.


4- Make groups according to their language priority:

       This is the most tried and tested method implemented for teaching language to students who are from different backgrounds.

       It is easier to break lengthy lectures and then modify them according to the competencies of the students to figure out how successful the whole process is going.

       The purpose of making groups is to minimize the problem by considering everyone’s interest and learning time which will help them to become quick learners.


5- Don't compromise on the class environment:

       Sometimes, instructors don't concentrate on the surroundings which are directly affecting the learning strategies.

       It is highly advised to look for a single obstacle because it will create further complications instead of solving communication barriers.

       The environment can include any kind of distraction, it can be noise, continuous disturbance from outside or internal hustles which can have an impact on the English learners and they can’t make it the way they wanted to.


Learning requires consistency, moving one step forward at a time:

 The overall system is difficult to find out and simplifies the need for learners. For those who need special attention, differentiation allows us to work on them while others can do it independently. Focus, modify and speed up, this is the strategy.

 You can read easily by making notes on particular topics that need your attention. This trick will save your time of searching the whole book for one thing that you want to understand or want command on it. A handy notebook is something you can carry anywhere with you even if you are visiting a doctor or going out.


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