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Why Overhead Electrical Service Lines Need Level 2 Electrician?

A large part of Sydney, homes gets their electrical energy from overhead power lines. Well, Endeavour Energy and AusGrid will see to it that the street power-lines are functioning appropriately, but they will not inspect your home’s point of attachment or service line. Thus, they will fix, check and confirm that the electrical power in the street works correctly, but they would not scrutiny things spread across your home-and-the-street.

Overhead Service Line

An overhead service line is an electrical cable that connects to your property through the street’s power poles. So from the power pole, it travels to your point of attachment.

Point of Attachment

At the point of attachment, the service line gets connected to your home. It further travels to your home’s switchboard, which manages the electricity passing through your house. Alternatively, the service line gets connected directly to the private power pole instead of getting connected to the house.

When do the Do problems occur?

Well, there are two kinds of problems that can appear:

  1. Accidental damage
  2. Electrical defects

Accidental damage can happen from several areas that include:

  • At the property’s point of connection, the connection box can get damaged.
  • At the point-of-attachment, riser brackets can get damaged.
  • Branches from the tree can fall down and onto the service line.
  • Trucks can accidentally cut through the power line and damage the point of attachment (this issue often occurs).

Electrical defects can happen due to several issues:

  • Exposed copper or damaged cables.
  • UV damage can occur over time.
  • Cables hanging at a lower level (a minimum clearance needs to be maintained at all times).
  • Trees branches getting closer to the service line.

Would Endeavour Energy or AusGrid repair these issues for you!

The straight the answer is ‘No’, they won’t! Endeavour Energy and AusGrid will ensure that the power supply in the street is up to the mark. And they will gently issue defect notices when they notice a defect; however, they would not do anything to help maintain your home’s electrical supply that arrives from the street.

What Should I Do If I Detect an Electrical Issue with an Overhead Service Line or Private Power Pole?

On many occasions, you have to call a Level 2 electrician! When you detect an electrical issue with an overhead service line or private power pole, you need to contact a Level 2 electrician.

You cannot allow any electrician to work on your power lines; it can get riskier. Therefore, the power companies want to ensure only accredited Level 2 electricians with the right training, adhering to the safety protocols, perform it.

Typically, only Level 2 accredited electrical service providers are permitted to repair overhead service lines and fix electrical defects. If you use the services of an electrician who is not holding a proper license, then you might end up paying hefty fines for not following the protocol. Besides, the unqualified electrician working on your overhead power line has a higher probability of dying.

Final Words

It is vital to entrust a Level 2 electrical service provider or Level 2 electrician in Sydney to work on the overhead electrical service lines.

Level 2 service providers are accredited and authorised to repair damages and fix defects caused to the overhead electrical service lines. Besides, they have the required equipment to safely work around the overhead electrical service lines and other electrical connections following the safety protocol.

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