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Why Packaging Labels are Important & the Main Benefits They Provide

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Walk down any aisle in your supermarket or local retail store and you will instantly notice that every product has a packaging label. So, why are packaging labels so important and what benefits do they provide businesses and their customers? As there are various reasons such as better branding, legal requirements and more, here are the main reasons why packaging labels are important and the main benefits they provide.

Important for Differentiating Between Various Types of a Product Quickly

Think of any product that you would typically use or consume every day such as a type of hair product or a brand of soft drink. There is typically never just one version of a product. Soft drinks come in different flavours and hair products like conditioners come in different types such as moisturising, leave-in and deep conditioners. Packaging labels are the easiest and fastest way to ensure that customers can clearly differentiate and identify the product they need.

Important for the Customer to Know How to Use the Product

When you buy a tin of baby formula, its packaging label will provide instructions such as how many scoops to use and how much water to mix it with. Packaging labels are important for ensuring that customers know how to use the product they are purchasing. If customers can’t quickly find information that explains the correct way to use the product, they may feel discouraged from making a purchase.

Important for Complying with Certain Laws and Requirements

There are certain types of products that are required to provide certain information on their packaging labels. There are certain industry regulations such as displaying the nutrition information on food products or health warnings and safety information on medical products. This also includes displaying the use-by date, the batch number, the ingredients used and more.

Beneficial for Brand Identity

The brand of a business is crucial for connecting with its customers and packaging labels are the first point of contact a customer has with the product. This means that the packaging label should be consistent and easily identifiable to the customer so that they always associate the brand with a particular type of product they constantly purchase.

Beneficial for Advertising

There are many brands that use their packaging labels to advertise and promote their product. Some advertise a limited-time promotion on their package labels such as “buy one, get one free”. It can be also used to advertise why a product is different from other products such as “now with 30% more”.

Beneficial for Grabbing the Customer’s Attention

Customers will walk past a variety of different products until they find the product they wish to purchase. Packaging labels help a brand to grab the customer’s attention and make their product stand out from the rest with visually appealing designs, bright colours, attractive fonts, images and more.

To ensure your product stands out from the rest, search online for an industrial packaging supplier that offers a range of custom packaging labels and start benefiting today.

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