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Why my pee smells like chicken soup? Should I worry about it?

Urine has a distinct odour and colour. However, sometimes, many of us wonder why pee smells like chicken soup.

As odd as it may sound, urine smelling like chicken broth is a common experience. However, the reason for such a condition may surprise you. In this article, we will try to find out the reasons why your urine gives off a faint smell of chicken broth.

Before delving into the details, we would like to tell you urine that smells like chick soup may not be a case of concern always. It is less likely to be a suggestive of any serious health issue. In fact, most of the time, the problem is related to what you have eaten.

Plainly speaking, your diet is often related to how your pee and poop smells. Therefore, if you have recently taken some chicken soup, there is a high chance that it’s the reason behind your urine smelling like chicken broth.

We will be explaining all these in-depth in order to help you get better understanding of what might be causing your urine to smell like chicken broth. We will also discuss remedies of the situation.

What is urine?

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Urine is an excretory product that comes from kidneys. The natural colour of urine is pale yellow and the liquid features a clear texture. It gets eliminated from the body through urethra.

Other waste products like excess water, urea and salts are eliminated from our body through urine. Therefore, urination is a natural process for detoxification of our body.

Kidneys filter out blood and remove excess salt, water and other waste products through urine. Urine is then passed to the bladder and stored there until it is removed from human body through urethra.

Key Takeaways:

Ø  Urine is made of water, urea and salts

Ø  Kidneys filter blood and produce urine

Ø  Urine is stored in bladder until it is eliminated from our body through urethra

Causes of Smelly Urine

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Like poop, urine has a distinct smell. However, sometimes your pee may give off strange odours like chicken broth. You keep on wondering why it is so. Not always it is a reason of concern though sometimes the condition is linked to some underlying health issues.

There are several reasons for your urine having an unusual odour. Let us explain the most common causes for such condition.

Dehydration: It is one of the most common reasons for smelly urine. Doctors always recommend taking plenty of water to keep your body dehydrated. Not doing so can adversely affect your body, including highly concentrated and smelly urine.

Kidney Stones: Another common reason for your urine giving off an unpleasant odour is kidney stones. Substances like minerals build up in your urinary tract and develop into stones. If you suspect of having kidney stones, immediately consult a doctor.

Bacterial Infection: There are several types of infections including urinary tract infection that may cause foul-smelling urine. Bacteria produce the kinds of compounds that havea  strong odour. If you experience pain or burning sensation while urinating, see a doctor right away.  

How diet plays a role in foul-smelling urine

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Your dietary habit can produce an effect on how your urine or stools will smell. We will now discuss some dietary habits that strongly contribute to foul-smelling pee.

Coffee: Coffee exerts a strong influence on the smell of both pee and poop. The compounds in coffee are excreted through the urine. Drinking plenty of water is a way to dilute these compounds and mitigate the risk of smelly urine.

Spicy Foods: Consuming spicy foods and that too on a daily basis, causes your urine to smell bad.  This is because spicy foods contain capsaicin that irritates the lining in your urinary tract and causes foul odour and inflammation.

Asparagus: It causes your urine to emit a strong, unpleasant odour. This happens due to asparagus breaking down into asparagusic acid that contains sulphur which is a well-known agent for causing foul-smelling pee and poop.

However, not everyone experiences such problems after taking asparagus. If you do, don’t fret as it’s a common problem.

Medical Conditions

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Some health conditions can also influence the smell of your urine. If you are worried about why your pee smells like chicken broth”, this could be due to some underlying health issue that must not be ignored.

Let us discuss some medical conditions that may cause your urine smell like chicken broth.

Diabetes: Those suffering from diabetes may experience a sweet smell while urinating. It happens because their body cannot metabolize glucose properly, causing a spike in sugar level in their urine.

Liver Disease: People having liver problems may have foul or musty-smelling urine. Liver plays a pivotal role in processing waste materials in the body.

Maple Syrup Urine Disease: It is a rare genetic disorder. It gives your urine the kind of smell reminiscent of burnt sugar or maple syrup. This is because amino acids build up in the body.

If you are worried about unusual smell of your urine or experience other symptoms, consulting with a doctor always sounds a good idea. It can help you figure out if it is caused by any underlying health issue. If yes, your doctor will recommend tailored-made treatment.

What is chicken broth? How is it prepared?

bone broth chicken soup featured-BMH

Chicken broth or chicken soup is an essential ingredient in many lip-smacking recipes that are signature dishes of many cultures and cuisines.

The aromatic and savoury liquid is cooked by simmering vegetables and chicken bones in a bowl for a significant amount of time. The broth is then stained and seasoned with spices and herbs. Chicken broth is used as a base for stews, soups, sauces and risottos.

What is the smell of chicken broth?

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Chicken broth has a distinct aroma and is a rich, comforting, hearty and healthy soup. It emits a blend of several aromatic herbs and spices. Chicken broth is heavily influenced by sweetness of vegetables and umami taste of chicken bones.

Some people also like the smell of garlic, bay leaves, thyme and other herbs used in chicken broth. Chicken broth offers an inviting aroma that can feel tempting for any food connoisseur.

Characteristics of chicken soup smell

Ø  Rich, hearty, savoury and comforting

Ø  Umami taste of chicken bones

Ø  Sweet flavour from vegetables

Ø  Strong flavours of garlic, bay leaves, thyme and other herbs

Why my urine smells like chicken soup?

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Though chicken soup gives off an aromatic smell, you won’t like your urine to smell like that. If you get chicken soup-like smell in your pee, it could be due to dietary habit or some underlying habits. If it is caused by the latter, seek medical attention without any delay.

Smelly urine reminiscent of chicken soup could be suggestive of a urinary tract infection. UTI affects urethra, bladder and even kidneys and can produce symptoms like frequent or painful urination and cloudy and/or strong-smelling urine.

If you delay in seeking medical attention, it could aggravate underlying problems and even cause sepis or serious kidney damage.

Dehydration or dietary changes could also be the culprit behind a chicken-broth like smell. Foods including garlic, asparagus and curry can change the familiar odour of your urine. Dehydration also causes urine concentration and a foul smell. Consult with a medical professional to rule out that chicken soup-like smell of your pee is not linked to any serious health issue.

Final Words

Chicken broth is definitely aromatic, delicious and healthy. If you love its smell and taste, you will love cooking it. However, it never means that chicken soup-like smell of your urine is something that you will love.

Most of the time, the problem is linked to your dietary habit. However, not always, the problem is influenced by what you have taken.

Sometimes, it could signal a serious health issue. There are several reasons that could give an answer to your question “why my pee smells like chicken soup”. The condition can be caused by vitamin deficiency, an overly concentrated urine sample, diabetes or urinary tract infection.

So, visit your doctor to find out the real cause of smelly urine, especially if the problem lingers and keeps coming back.

Summary:  Dehydration, certain, dietary habit, diabetes, urinary tract infection – these are the possible reasons for “why my pee smells like chicken soup”. Visit your physician to find out the real culprit.

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