Tuesday, June 6, 2023


The clothes we wear are simply put on mainly because of fashion, because it is the most accessible and complete way we communicate and reinforce on daily basis our identities. Several people have a type of wear they are interested in. But there are some people who are deeply into wearing a quote T-Shirt. You meet people wearing T-Shirt nowadays with different quote on it, for example “Let’s Take a selfie”, “I have the right to remain silent”, i like coffee and maybe 3 people shirt” and more making a lot of people express their feeling or tell you some little thing about them.

We can say T-shirt is leading in casual wears which make it universally accepted in style for both women and men. Quote T-shirt allows us to express our voice and also which also make us communicate through fashion

A T-shirt with word quote are part of a quote T-shirts which makes wearer voice out emotions, also allow them make a statement depending on the quote, it can be silly, challenging, create a smile, fun. Just like the listed above examples like “I have the right remain silent” the wearer is expressing his/her opinion to people, people can easily know what his opinion without talking to him/her also the “i like coffee and maybe 3 people shirt” the wear is also letting us know he likes to drink coffee alongside with maybe three people, like I said the quote can be silly or sometimes for just fun.

Also people wear Brand Name T-shirt quote. In the fashion realm, what can be said to be trending is to wear high fashion brand labels and logos. People instead of a word quote just like wearing a T-shirt with just a high fashion brand labels and logo.

Fashion can also be far more intentional, subtle and creative, where our identity is created/reinforced piecemeal through being creative about the clothes we wear, as well as factoring in decisions about how the clothes were produced and the story behind their production.

T-shirts are one of the most comfortable and preferable outfit, and the quote on the T-shirt also makes it more popular and interesting to wear, they give you simple, cool, stylish and comfortable look. The quote on the T-shirt might depends on your mood and personality. It makes you describe your personality and mood without even saying a word. Many people look at quote T-shirt as a way of reflecting their thought.

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