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Why Physics is Important

People normally say that you cannot fathom the pain of a shoe unless you are the wearer. This statement is true on so many levels. Take for instance Physics. We hear engineers talk all day on the importance but unless you are one in the field of physics, all they say is not considered important to any of us. According to https://www.famedwritings.com/homeworkhelp/physics/ Physics is however a subject that has helped all of us, physicians or not. It has some aspects that we as human beings need to appreciate because were it not for Physics, our lives would be much more difficult. So why is Physics so important?

  • Health issues

Sit and think about how many times you have heard of the word ‘blood pressure’. Countless, right?  Now think closer home. How many family members or friends have had the test? You have also at one point had a blood pressure test taken. It is one of those tests that assure you of good health or not. Once the test comes out as high or low, it means that you have to make some serious changes in your life. Were it not for physics, these tests would not have been possible. We can therefore conclude that physics has indeed saved mankind.

  • Energy

You are probably reading this article on your computer or phone. If it is at night, you may need to power on the lights. In order for you to read, your computer or phone must be charged. To be charged, energy must be there. This is just at our homes. Energy is needed at big manufacturing companies to power machines and so much more. All this is Physics in motion. We wouldn’t be able to enjoy the little pleasures in life without power or energy.

  • Communication

Nowadays it is easy to communicate using our mobile phones. In a split of a second, we are able to make a call and the person on the other end of the line will receive. People have been able to conduct business meetings although miles away simply by using the phone. Friends have been able to keep in touch even though far away from each other. The phone is today’s basic necessity. Electromagnetism and quantum optics come into play to make all this possible. All these phenomena are under Physics. It is why it is a very important subject even to those who do not directly practice it.

  • Transportation

Today it is very easy to move from one place to the other. Automobiles are powered by fuel. A plane for example carries a large group of people and is able to fly. It is the science of physics that allows people to build such an aircraft. When it comes to boats, how is it able to float even when transporting heavy goods. Were it not for physics, this would never have been possible.

  • Buildings

In order to build a house or simply any building, a lot of factors have to be considered. Materials to be used that will not be affected by water, heat or light must be used if the building is to last a long time. It is through physics that buildings that can withstand natural disasters have been built and stood the test of time.

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