Why Recent College Grads Make Better Hires


Whether you’re looking to add someone to a new position you’ve just created within your organization or hoping to fill a vacancy, consider turning to recent college graduates. Although you may think that hiring someone who’s been in the workforce longer will be beneficial because of their maturity and industry knowledge, those stepping into a professional setting for the first time have advantages as well.

Easy to Shape

Despite the fact that candidates with previous experience seem ideal because of their prior training, applicants straight out of college may actually be better because they’ll easily adapt to your systems. Teach new graduates to conform to your work flow by providing them with clear instructions, giving them concrete examples and letting them shadow another worker, for example. As new hires, they’ll also be less problematic because you won’t have to break them of any bad habits that they picked up at their previous place of employment.

Up-to-Date Knowledge

Qualified applicants with new college degrees also make ideal employees because they’ve most likely been trained with the latest information and cutting-edge techniques in your field. Recent graduates with an online business analytics masters, for instance, may have fresh solutions to your work-based problems, whereas applicants who have been working in the industry may only have the tried-and-true ideas that aren’t as effective as they once were. In addition, these younger prospects may have more experience in the field than you think as the result of on-campus jobs, internships or summer apprenticeships.

Technologically Shrewd

If your office relies on technology such as computers, networks, cloud-based platforms and a variety of software to get the job done, for example, new graduates may have the ability to use it with only minimal training. They may even have the tech skills to troubleshoot something if the need arises. Experienced workers might be familiar with the equipment you use, but those who were recently in school may have trained on newer gadgets and systems that you hope to implement in your workplace.

Motivational to Others

When looking for new ways to motivate your entire staff, consider hiring a recent college graduate. Not only will staff members feel the slight pressure from having an eager apprentice on board, but they’ll also be inspired by the different perspectives and fresh solutions to typical work problems. As these new employees contribute innovative ideas at meetings and seminars, for example, your other staff members may feel encouraged to brainstorm more as well, leading to improved productivity and participation throughout the company.


Driven to Succeed

Although almost all prospective employees will be ambitious when it comes to a new opportunity, recent graduates will be particularly eager because they’re new to the professional job market. They’ll mostly likely be excited to learn the business’ processes, complete projects and work as part of a team. In addition, they’ll be used to multitasking from their days juggling the work from several classes, so they should be able to take on multiple responsibilities with ease. Fresh from a classroom where they’re accustomed to learning from and doing the best work for professors, they’ll likely bring this level of critical thinking and desire to complete tasks correctly the first time to their new job, making conscientious and dedicated staff members.

Don’t limit your company’s potential by solely hiring employees who have been in the job market for several years. By expanding the pool of possible new hires to include those with newly-earned college degrees, you’ll open yourself up to a fresher set of skills, technological mindset and cooperative attitudes.

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