Why Remy Hair Extensions are the Best Option for You


Nowadays, hair extensions have become purely a fashion statement. It is not just a cosmetic necessity. From Hollywood to Bollywood to the middle class, every lady tends to use hair extensions and makes the hair of their choice and style. A large number of women from different cultures are restoring to this hairstyle enhancer and later their manes drastically. They are following this suit with zeal. Ranging from housewife, students to business professionals, every girl is making hair extension a part of their daily look.

Remy Human Hair Extensions

Even though a wide variety of hair extensions are available in the market today, Remy clip in the hair extensions is in demand. They are valued for their high quality. These hair extensions are made using human hair. Nevertheless, this particular style of hair extensions comes with intact hair cuticles.

It is important to note that over variants are made of hair; the cuticles are stripped out during the manufacturing process. Manufacturers pay utmost attention to make sure that the hair is facing the desired direction. They are less prone to tangle or matt but remain lustrous and supple. Further, Remy hair extensions are subject to curl and straighten treatments. You can wash them, dye them and keep stylish like natural hair.

These are some of the basic facts and features of Remy hair extensions that women like use. Unlike those made from synthetic materials cannot bear high temperatures.
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If they get constant sunlight, they can get damaged, unlike the Remy clip hair extensions that remain lustrous and natural-looking.

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The Benefits of Remy Hair Extensions

There are a lot of benefits of Remy hair extensions. First and the foremost thing is that this type of hair extension are of high-quality pieces. They are original, have a natural look, and made of authentic human hair. The strand of these hair extensions has the quality to blend better with your natural hair. You can treat them the way you want. The overall sheen and texture can improve your hairstyle.

Since these hair extensions can be treated as per your interest, you won’t need to stick to only one style. Besides, these they are available in different colors such as jet black, brown, light brown, dark brown, caramel, caramel red, burgundy, light ash, red rust, dark copper, blonde, platinum blonde, and many others.

If you are a fashion conscious person wanting to have a drastic color change, a straightening or perm procedure, then again Remy clip-in hair extensions are the right choice as they are easy to treat with your natural hair. When it comes to temperature or heat, these extensions have the quality to withstand elevated just like original hair. Moreover, these extensions are also more responsive regarding styles.

Lastly, but not last, Remy hair extensions are stronger when compared with other brands and can last longer. Experts construct every piece carefully and skilfully. They make sure that customers can get something that is worthy and be women’s crown glory.

Types of Remy Human Hair Extensions

Many different types of extensions are available in the market such as in wavy, curly or straight versions. There are two most important types of hair extensions. Virgin Remy hair and non-virgin Remy hair.

  • Virgin Remy hair – This type of hair is sources from women who have never dyed their hair. They have been subject to curling, manes and straightening treatments.
  • Non-virgin hair- this hair is also of high quality, but they have permed, dyed or straightened at some point.

Remember that, owing to its quality, the Virgin Remy hair is more expensive. Also, keep in mind that you can buy hair extensions based on ethnicity as well.


With the information about Remy hair extensions, it seems that this type of extensions is the right option to strengthen, lengthen your hair. They are the perfect option to change your look with high-quality permanent or Remy click on hair extensions.

If you want to use hair extensions but are not sure what type will suit you or flatter with mane, write it in the comment box. We will help you by letting you know the right place where you can get the best quality hair extensions at the best prices.