Sunday, December 10, 2023
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As CBD and marijuana plant usage legalization is happening in more and more cities and countries now, the suppliers are working hard to make their cannabis brand attractive to consumers and capture the market share. With every passing day, the cannabis market is getting saturated, and poses a question to brand owners and marketers that how can I make my brand stand out from the crowd? Many competitors find their answers in Vapes. Due to their ease of use and known for being less pollutant cannabis brands adopted Vapes packaging for their products.

What Are Vapes?

In the electronic packaging of smoked cannabis products, it is said that the smoke is made using vapors of product, so the product is named as Vapes.

Vape Packaging Controversy

During the past year, the mysterious deaths of 23 people and 530 cases of lungs related diseases in the US has sparked a debate regarding the safety of Vapes. As was earlier declared in a study by the American lung Association that two chemicals present in the electronic CBD oil packaging of cannabis products named as propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are toxic. The more these liquids are present in vapors of electronic packaging the more toxic it is.

Centers for disease control (CDC) are looking for researches and scientific evidence of these lung ailment cases and deaths. The facts about all effected people show that most patients were consuming Vapes.

Revamping Vapes Packaging, a Market Strategy

As there is no solid evidence of attributing this lung disease to Vapes packaging, yet post-vape-controversy it is highly recommended that cannabis brands should modify their vape packages with more appropriate packages under the regulatory authority instructions.

With enough explaining of the safety of Vapes and it is up to the marked packaging procedure and clear guidelines and warning to consumers can be a basis to revamping the Vapes packaging of your cannabis brand.

While revamping the Vape cartridge packaging procedure, use the following information and facts about your improved vape product to build trust with your consumer base.

Create Warning about Propylene Glycol (PG) Allergens

Many Vapes packaging consists of propylene glycol, but some people are an allergen to PG, so during the improvement process of Vapes packaging make sure to create eye warning in a way to seek the attention of users.

Another way is of improving Vapes in this context is by replacing PG with alternates like vegetable glycerin.

Explain Status of Product’s E-Liquid

To gain the marketing benefits of improved Vapes packaging of cannabis products, it is advisable to communicate the e-liquid’s health status to buyers. As all cannabis Vapes are required to undergo the testing of the e-liquid of products for toxicants. After ensuring that the e-liquid of Vapes is safe for the consumer, make it an essential part of your marketing strategy to communicate the undergoing of this safety standard to consumers.

Regulated Battery Packaging

To make the cannabis Vapes safe for users, add the regulated feature for batteries in revamped packaging. The regulated Vapes have a system of internal monitoring of conditions like atomizer resistance, temperature, and voltages of batteries. If this monitoring system detects a condition that can make its consumption unsafe, it has provisions to warn the user by blinking light. The addition of these safety features will surely add to build a positive image of the cannabis Vapes brand when advertised in marketing campaigns.

Awareness about Vapes Batteries’ Portability

To improve the Vapes packaging, a guideline to handle vape batteries can help you to market your product best in terms of providing related awareness, and safety guidelines.

Warn the users in short messages in new packaging to avoid carrying vapes batteries in pockets or in a place where they can come in contact with any conductor because it can cause a short circuit and hence causing a fire or other dangers to the person carrying them.

Offering Many Flavors in Revamped Vapes

Apart from gaining the trust of consumers in terms of safety and harmlessness of cannabis products in revamped Vapes, a brand can take advantage of the added range of flavors in the line of product. By investing in improved packaging, a the brand is not only ensuring the health standards criteria by the regulatory authority but also gives a treat to your taste buds by introducing more flavors and combinations of the potency of cannabis Vapes.

For successful businesses, innovations, and improvements are always a crucial part of the journey but with this new landing of cannabis products in the consumer market, following by the controversies in the cannabis Vapes range, revamping Vapes packaging can give a brand an edge over others and get custom boxes wholesale. After addressing all concerns of public and regulatory bodies in new improved vapes design and packaging, using the changes for effective marketing can be a smart step of a cannabis brand to attract back customers, and gain maximum market share.

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